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MICHAEL VOSS - Rockers Rollin’ [A Tribute To Rick Parfitt] (2023) - full

Titled “Rockers Rollin’ [A Tribute To Rick Parfitt]“, this is the upcoming album from veteran German singer, guitarist, producer MICHAEL VOSS dedicated to one of his idols, the late Rick Parfitt from legendary rockers Status Quo.
Voss has personally carefully chosen ten songs that Parfitt sang and wrote, and now proudly presents them in this glorious tribute. “Rockers Rollin’ [A Tribute To Rick Parfitt]” features several high-class guests, who shared the music and stage with Rick, such as longtime tour manager and co-writer of many super hits, Bob Young, original founding member of the Frantic Four, John Coghlan, Rick‘s son Rick Parfitt Jr., actual bass player Rhino Edwards, original band member Andy Bown, Mat Sinner of Primal Fear, Andy Susemihl (UDO), among many more.

Michael Voss is a real Status Quo fan. It was the sound of the band and especially of their guitarist Rock Parfitt that impressed a young guy from Germany in 1979, when Status Quo played a show at Halle Münsterland as a part of their ‘If You Can’t Stand the Heat’-tour.
Voss was a 14-year-old kid at the time and what he saw and heard left a mark on him. Infected by the hard-hitting guitars and the straightforward approach, Voss started to learn the guitar and also started to sing. His passion for the rock’n’roll trailblazers remained during all the years and decades and it’s the ‘Rockers Rollin’’ album that is a tribute to the guitarist of a band that influenced the musical landscape.

As it was the late 70s/early 80s that inspired Voss a lot, the choice of tracks for this tribute album belongs to the same period in the long career of Status Quo. And since it was the riffpower of the guitarist we get solely offered Parfitt songs on this release.
The good thing with this release is the fact that Voss avoided the big hits. It is more of the less popular and still great material of the band that gets a new shine with ‘Rockers Rollin’’.

Starting with ‘Again and Again’ from the ‘If You Can’t Stand the Heat’-album to the acoustic ‘Living on an Island’ Voss out together a set of great Status Quo that honor the life work of Rick Parfitt and his contribution to the success of Status Quo.
Listening to these songs is a bit like walking on the memory lane, a joyful 40-minute journey. A Rock n’ Roll journey.
Highly Recommended


01. Again And Again
02. Rain
03. Don’t Drive My Car
04. For You
05. Rockers Rollin’
06. Oh! What A Night
07. Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like
08. Reason For Living
09. Coming And Going
10. Living On An Island

Alex Toff – Drums (except Track 10)
Michael Voss – Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizer (Track 3), Keyboards (Track 5), Rhodes Piano (Track 4 & 10)

– Rick Parfitt Jr.: Lead Vocals on “Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like”
– Jackie Lynton: Additional Vocals on “Again And Again”
– Eva von der Forst: Backing Vocals on “Oh! What A Night”
– John Richardson: Backing Vocals on “Again And Again”

– Tony Thorpe: Slide- & Lead Guitar on “Reason For Living”
– Jörg Sander: Rhythm- & Lead Guitar (2nd half) on “Reason For Living”
– Uwe Schneider: Guitar Solo on “Rain”
– Andy Susemihl: Lead Solo (Out) on “Don’t Drive My Car” & “Rockers Rollin’”

– Uwe Köhler: Bass on “Again And Again”
– Mat Sinner: Bass on “Rain”
– Gregory Harper: Bass on “Don’t Drive My Car” & “Rockers Rollin’”
– Ed Poole: Bass on “For You” & “Living On An Island”
– Marc Lynn: Bass on “Coming And Going”
– Rhino Edwards: Bass on “Oh! What A Night”, “Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like” & “Reason For Living”

– John Coghlan: Drums on “Living On An Island”

Misc. Instruments
– Tim Oliver: Piano on “Rockers Rollin’”, “Reason For Living”
– Andy Bown: Hammond B3 Organ on “Oh! What A Night”
– Shannon Harris: Piano & Hammond Organ on “Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like”
– Bob Young: Harmonica on “Coming And Going”
– Dieter Michel: Trumpets & Trombones on “Again And Again” & “Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like”
– Holggy Begg: Memotron on “Again And Again” & “Oh! What A Night”
– Jan David: Percussions on “For You” & “Oh! What A Night”
– Jens Skwirblies: Clavinet on “Oh! What A Night” & “Coming And Going”; Hammond B3 Organ on “Living On An Island”; Moog on “Again And Again”


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  1. melodified says:

    Very interesting release. Well done to Voss for paying tribute to a real Rock Legend. The music industry seems to have already forgotten Rick and that’s not nice at all.

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