BRITNY FOX – Britny Fox (Expanded Edition, 2023 Remaster) *HQ*

BRITNY FOX - Britny Fox (Expanded Edition, 2023 Remaster) *HQ* - full

A new 2023 Remaster, Expanded Edition of BRITNY FOX debut album 1988’s ”Britny Fox” has been released including two bonus tracks.
One of the brighter debuts to emerge in the late ’80s, Britny Fox’s self-titled album established themselves early on as hard-hitting contenders for the Hair Metal crown. Often labeled clones of sister band Cinderella – whence they got their image, their guitar player Michael Kelly Smith, and record contract – the quartet overcame expectations by filling their first album with song after song of top-flight ’80s glam.
The boys each play to their strengths here, which results in killer riffs and licks from Kelly Smith and impassioned howling from Dizzy Dean Davidson.
Let’s face it, it’s hard not to grin when a song like ‘Girlschool’ is playing, and the band’s first single ‘Long Way to Love’ is one of the greatest hair metal anthem of all time.

‘Fun in Texas’ indeed packs a lot of fun, ‘Don’t Hide’ is killer kick ass rocker, we have more stadium-like choruses on ‘Rock Revolution’, The band’s cover of Slade’s ‘Gudbuy T’ Jane’ is a fun addition, while ‘Save The Weak’ is the ballad of the album, a substantial composition.

This “Britny Fox” remastered reissue features a pair of bonus tracks: the first is the single edit of ‘Long Way to Love’, and the second the original B-side of that single; ‘Livin’ On The Edge’, another killer Britny Fox hard rocker that deserved to be part of the main album.
Britny Fox’s debut is an essential piece into any serious Melodic Hard Rock / Hair Metal collection, and a true representation of the second half of the ’80s.
A Must Have


01 – Girlschool
02 – Long Way To Love
03 – Kick ‘N’ Fight
04 – Save The Weak
05 – Fun In Texas
06 – Rock Revolution
07 – Don’t Hide
08 – Gudbuy T’ Jane
09 – In America
10 – Hold On
11 – Long Way To Love (Single Version)
12 – Livin’ On The Edge (Single Version)

“Dizzy” Dean Davidson – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Michael Kelly Smith – guitars, backing vocals
Billy Childs – bass, backing vocals
Johnny Dee – drums, backing vocals
David Gibbins – keyboards



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