RISQUÉ – Risqué [AOR BLVD Records remaster +3] (2023-2024) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive*

RISQUÉ - Risqué [AOR BLVD Records remaster +3] (2023-2024) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

As part of London-based AOR BLVD Records Collectors Series, here’s in exclusive the jujst released self-titled debut album from American melodic rockers RISQUÉ, featuring their 1986-1988 recordings remastered for the first time on CD, a Limited Edition to 500.
Founded in the mid-Eighties, this Arizona based five piece toured the area including the California circuit and recorded three EP’s only sold / distributed locally. Mixing American AOR, melodic hard rock and a pinch of hair metal, “Risqué” packs very good songs rich in melody.

With keys / synths so 1986 Aviator-like, a song such as ‘Knock Me Off My Feet’ should have been a hit. Then the really good melodic rocker ‘Looking for a Reason’ takes the best of Le Mans, and for a pop-metal tune just play ‘Take Away Love’ including cowbell et all. The catchiness of ‘Up Against the Wall’ has some Danger Danger / Beau Coup on it, while the melodic ‘Walk Away’ brings back early Warrant memories.
“Risqué” is pure second half of the ’80s, with strong songwriting, melodic vocals / backing choruses, a really skilled lead guitarist and an overall feel-good vibe. Sound quality is very good.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Knock Me Off My Feet
02 – Looking for a Reason
03 – Slip Away
04 – Crossfire Kelly
05 – Running for Cover
06 – Love on the Line
07 – Take Away Love
08 – School Girl
09 – Up Against the Wall
10 – Winning Combination
11 – Walk Away
12 – Lady Midnight (Demo) [Bonus Track]
13 – On My Mind (Demo) [Bonus Track]
14 – Problem Child (Demo) [Bonus Track]

John Guffa – vocals
Darryl Ogawa – guitar
Randi Scott – keys
Marc Simpson – bass
Scott Thomas – drums



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