BADLANDS – Demos & Unreleased 1988-1989 [Loudworks release] (2022) *Exclusive*

BADLANDS - Demos & Unreleased 1988-1989 [Loudworks release] (2022) *Exclusive* - full

Awesome hard rock act BADLANDS was a band founded by former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Jake E. Lee and former Black Sabbath members Ray Gillen and Eric Singer. Badlands also featured talented songwriter & bassist Greg Chaisson. Before being signed by a major label for the release of their 1989 self-titled LP, Badlands recorded a bunch of demos.
As requested, here’s the “Demos & Unreleased 1988-1989” release on CD by San Marino based bootleg label Loudworks. The set include demos of songs that later ended into the first Badlands album, and songs never recorded that only exists in the demo form featured here. Sound quality varies, but it’s fine overall.

It’s really great to hear Jake E. Lee’s raw guitar sound, licks & solos. What a terrific axeman he was. This is also interesting for hearing Gillen’s performance, and realize his takes for the final album were put with almost no effects. He roars as good as on the major label production & mix.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Let It Bleed
02 – Shake Down
03 – The Last Time #1
04 – Get Ready
05 – Soul Lives in The Heart
06 – In The Heat
07 – Badland
08 – Jade’s Song
09 – Lord Knows
10 – Reckless Child
11 – Hard Driver
12 – The Last Time #2
13 – Rumblin’ Train
14 – Devil’s Stomp
15 – Seasons
16 – Time Goes By
17 – Want To Live With You

Ray Gillen – lead vocals, harmonica
Jake E. Lee – guitar, keyboards
Greg Chaisson – bass
Eric Singer – drums



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