NAKED – Double Down (2010)

NAKED Double Down

Few years ago, we might have thought that the era of rumbling, stumbling and screaming loud rock bands was over.
Well, we were wrong. Real rock is growing in the airwaves again and music fans are tired of trash can sounds.

Finland, Helsinki based rockers NAKED are here to take the flag.
With three albums under their belt (This One Goes To Eleven 2004, Let’s Get Naked… And Start A Revolution 2006 and Superstate 2007) NAKED is releasing their new album “Double Down” through their own label.

“Double Down” is pure confetti bursting sweat dripping rock that will make your knickers drop before you remember to blink. Just old fashioned ’80s Rock ‘N Roll.
Naked’s style is riff based R’N’R like Mötley Crüe, Guns ‘N Roses, Quireboys, a little bit of the very earlier Def Leppard and a dash of Hanoi Rocks.
But they also have a great sense of melody, and apart from the hot riffing, on various tracks they sound like typical european melodic rock bands.
NAKED premise is simple: short songs, hooky choruses and accessible melodic tunes.

This a real indie group, as they took care of the whole artistic production (a really good one), visual artwork, distribution and have their own label.
Production and mix are first class and the musicians know their game perfectly.
“Double Down” is a very good retro-style album, catchy and fun.
If you loved the eighties melodic glam scene, then you’ll love this to death.
Only released in Finland and distributed in east Europe at the moment.

01 – Got A Feeling
02 – Back To Haunt You
03 – Shit Out Of Luck
04 – One More Time
05 – I Know
06 – Powerblind
07 – Sonic High
08 – Lost Along The Way
09 – Reset
10 – Ridin’
11 – Shine A Light
12 – Break Me
13 – Giving You Up

The Muff: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Zack Shleidecker: Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ilari: Bass, Backing Vocals
Mr Tikka: Drums

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