BILLION DOLLAR BABIES – Die For Diamonds (2010)


BILLION DOLLAR BABIES, based in the middle of Sweden took shape in 2005, with a self-released EP they managed to gain a strong fan base in Europe.
In 2008 the band were among a small number of unsigned artists who were selected to perform at Sweden Rock Festival and recieved fantastic reviews.

With “Die For Diamonds” Billion Dollar Babies has captured the zeitgeist of 80’s hair-metal in 38 minutes of pure rock ‘n’ roll glee.
You’d guess the members of Billion Dollar Babies were raised on a regular diet of Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Bon Jovi, Journey, Loverboy, Scorpions and perhaps a bit of Ratt from the flamboyant flair and more than competent rock ‘n’ roll they espouse.

Opener “Boy’s Night Out” features a purely 1980’s approach to hard rock complete with a horn section. A very catchy and commercial song.
“Highest Mountain” is a big rock tune that’s deeply melodic but has enough of an edge to it to feel modern. Here the band sounds contemporary like their compatriots and colleagues H.E.A.T and alikes.
This transitions into the big open arrangement and vocal triads of “Restless Minds”, a great tune that soars. Vocalist Frankie Rich sounds like something of a cross between Steve Perry and Klaus Meine here. A track obviously influenced by Journey.

Billy Squier fans will love “Lose It”, which sounds like it might have been an outtake from one of his mid-1980’s recording sessions. The song has an animalistic, urgent feel, and a melody so catchy you’ll be humming it for days.
“Key To My Heart” is pure power rock love song, and would have made Billion Dollar Babies the kings of MTV at one time. Again, sounding a lot like H.E.A.T, this is my favorite track of the album.
“Second Time Around” is a very melodic midtempo with a scandi-AOR flavor featuring superb backing layered vocals.

“Right On Time” is all about the virtues of Friday night out with the perfect girl. There’s some classic honky tonk piano work buried in the middle of this song that’s worth checking out. This a very catchy party tune, although I’m not completely convinced with the lead vocals, the guitar shines.
Billion Dollar Babies show a bit harder edge on “Stand Your Ground” and “Nineteen Ninety Four”. The former is a solid album cut that would play great in a big stadium, while “Nineteen Ninety Four” is a catchy beast with one thing on its mind. The song isn’t much on subtlety but certainly is entertaining, rocking in the Motley Crue style.
The album closes with “We Don’t Live Forever”, an energetic rocker reminding listeners that life is short and admonishing them to make the most of every moment. The drums are big and bombastic and the chorus contagious.

Billion Dollar Babies may date themselves with their sound, but the songwriting is fresh, sharp and fun, and the production is excellent.
This is a band that’s having fun making music, and it shows on “Die For Diamonds”.
If you crave 1980’s hard rock / hair metal mixing american style with scandi melodies then Billion Dollar Babies will be right up your alley.
Just sit back and take “Die For Diamonds” in; you could imagine most any of these songs rolling out of the radio or showing up on MTV circa 1985.

01 – Boys Night Out
02 – Highest Mountain
03 – Restless Minds
04 – Lose It
05 – Key To My Heart
06 – Second Time Around
07 – Right On Time
08 – Stand Your Ground
09 – Nineteen Ninety Four
10 – We Don’t Live Forever

Frankie Rich : Vocals
Jon Silver : Guitars, Backing Vocals
Nic Lester : Bass, Backing Vocals
Pat Kramer : Guitars, Backing Vocals
Robban XII : Drums, Backing Vocals

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  1. AOR-BRAZIL says:

    I have posted the 0DayRock review in portuguese in my page. U Rock!!

  2. Rafael "CP" says:

    This is a great album , amazing,good instrumental , cathcy choruses. Commercial , yes , but quality are present too.

    Awesome !!!

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