BONFIRE – Branded (2011)

BONFIRE - Branded 2011

Legendary German hard rockers BONFIRE celebrate this year its 25th anniversary as band.
After their contribution to the World Cup -the single “German National Anthem”- ranking seven weeks in the German charts, the five guys from Ingolstadt are back on everyone’s lips with their brand new album “Branded”, BONFIRE’s first complete studio CD in five years.

After a few seconds you realize that this is classic BONFIRE.
With their usual crisp production, the band is ready to deliver 10 classy hard rockers & ballads, plus 2 old re-worked songs.
Singer Claus Lessmann is still in great form and his distinctive voice is the band’s trademark.

Opener “Deadly Contradiction” is classic Bonfire, one of these tunes that you can sing along for days.
“Just Follow The Rainbow” is an awesome big stadium anthem, one of the highlights of the disc.
“Save Me” is another trademark Bonfire-style track, featuring an unforgettable monster hook, a future classic in their catalogue.
“Let It Grow” is the first ballad much in the vein of the Lessman-Ziller album. A real ‘grower’.

“Do Or Die” is a fast tempo hard rock remembering the earlier days of the band. Great guitars!
The mid-tempo “Close To The Edge” has a persistent riff and a very good guitar solo.
“Crazy” is simple but catchy and melodic, one of these tunes that makes your feet tap.
Last track, the extremely melodic ballad “Hold Me Now” is one of the best slow songs ever written by the band.
The bonus tracks are re-makes of the band’s past works, both receiving an acoustic treatment. Very cool.

“Branded” is a great comeback from this eternal band, very well produced and performed.
They’re still capable to deliver a first class ’80-’90’s hard rock record and not sound dated or tired.
As always and true to their motto ; ” Keep the BONFIRE burning! “

01 – Deadly Contradiction
02 – Just Follow The Rainbow
03 – Save Me
04 – Let It Grow
05 – Better Days
06 – Do Or Die
07 – Close To The Edge
08 – Crazy
09 – Loser’s Lane
10 – Hold Me Now
11 – I Need You (2011 version – bonus track)
12 – Rivers Of Glory (2011 version – bonus track)

Claus Lessman – vocals, guitar
Hans Ziller – guitar
Chris Limburg – guitar
Uwe Köhler – bass
Jurgen Wiehler – drums

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Bellissimo album di hard rock metal melodico, com'è nella tradizione della band. Anche meglio del precedente secondo me.
    Di: inquietudinedikobal

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