ROCK FOR JAPAN – Various Artists (2011)

Just over two months ago, on March 11, 2011, one of the biggest natural disasters hit Japan.
The earthquake, the tsunami and the ensuing nuclear crisis, linked to the incomprehensible pictures on TV, left all of us extremely sad around the world, but just some of the artists who had been touched by the immense generosity and wonderful friendliness of that country’s people felt beyond anything, that something needed to be done to help.

The original idea simply was to release a Melodic Rock / Hard Rock charity album for Japan and to donate all profits from the sales of this double CD to the Red Cross.
An e-mail was sent out to just some of the bands mentioned here in order to find out if any of them would be interested in participating in this project, but what came back from the international community was astonishing.
Within 24 hours of the message being sent, more than 20 high profile bands and artists from all over the world had offered to take part by contributing previously unreleased material… and the replies just kept coming and coming.

Since many of these bands have got a long history, which is heavily connected to the Japanese country and to it’s wonderful people who have often become loyal friends to many of these musicians, it’s time to release this special double album that shows that a simple song can convey so much.
Participation means a lot for all of these artists. The songs you hear come deep from their hearts and even though this seems to be just a small thing, it is hoped that all these little pieces – and this also includes the income from this project and the donations as a result of it – will be one part of an over-all puzzle that may just help in the end.

Most of tracks here are previously unreleased or new recordings and will not be found anywhere else.
The booklet makes clear which version of each song is included and all of the acts give comment on their contribution to this excellent compilation.
Full marks, not only for the good cause, but also for the great quality on offer.

ROCK FOR JAPAN - Various Artists (2011)

1. FM – Kissed By An Angel (previously unreleased in Europe)

2. Tommy Heart (Fair Warning) – And I Know (previously unreleased)

3. Grand Illusion – Yumi’s Eyes (previously unreleased, recorded during the ‘Brand New World’ sessions)

4. Harlan Cage – Sinner‘s Groove (new recording)

5. Fiona – Loved Along The Way (new recording)

6. Dan Reed – I Don’t Mind (previously unreleased, recorded during the ‘Coming Up For Air’ sessions)

7. Tony Harnell – One Way Ride (previously only released on a digital only, self-released EP)

8. Grand Design – Love Will Shine The Way (new recording)

9. Doogie White / Pontus Norgren – Message Of Love (previously unreleased cover of the Journey song of the same name)

10. Hartmann feat. Tobias Sammet – Brother’s [Live] (recorded at the Colossaal, Aschaffenburg, Germany 2009, prev. unreleased in Europe)

11. Brian McDonald – In Too Deep (new recording)

12. Shotgun Symphony – The One (new recording)

13. Brett Walker – Good Enough (new recording)

14. Peter Beckett – Too Many Reasons (new recording)

15. Poison Sun – Russian Racketeers (previously unreleased; from the ‘Virtual Sin’ sessions)

16. Big Nature – One Way Ride (feat. Chandler Mogel from Outloud & Talon on vocals; previously unreleased)

17. Legs Diamond – Missing A Part (previously unreleased; from the sessions for the album ‘Diamonds Are Forever’)

ROCK FOR JAPAN - Various Artists (2011)

1. Soul Doctor – You’re All That I Want [Single Remix] (2011 shortened remix of the song which originally appeared on the album ‘Soul Doctor’; this version previously unreleased)

2. Crown Of Thorns – I Won’t Wait (prev.y available on ‘Crown Jewels’; from the recording sessions of the album ‘Crown Of Thorns’)

3. Harem Scarem – Easier (previously unreleased song)

4. Robin Beck – The One (previously released on the 2011 album ‘The Great Escape’)

5. Torben Schmidt – Run Away (previously unreleased on CD)

6. Mark Spiro – Say Your Prayers (previously unreleased)

7. House Of Lords – Spirit Of Love (previously released on the album ‘Demons Down’)

8. Mitch Malloy – Anything At All [Live] (recorded at Firefest 2008; previously unreleased on CD)

9. Dogface – Fired (previously unreleased)

10. Kane’d – Rock Against The D.J. (previously unreleased)

11. Royal Hunt – Back To Square One [Live] (recorded in Atlanta, USA in 2009; previously unreleased)

12. M.ill.ion – What I Want (previously unreleased; from the sessions for the album ‘Kingsize’)

13. Johnny Lima – Nowhere Left To Go (previously unreleased)

14. Tommy Denander – Where Is The Fire (previously unreleased on CD; feat. Mikkey Dee on drums and John Leven on bass)

15. Chris Laney – Coming Home (previously unreleased)

16. Bulletrain – Take Me To The Sun (previously unreleased on CD; from the self-financed EP of the band)

17. Subsignal – Wingless (previously unreleased demo version)


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