THE RODS – Vengeance (2011)

THE RODS - Vengeance (2011)

Some fires are just not extinguishable. Classic traditional heavy metal band The Rods, who got their start in the late 1970s and made their mark through the early 1980s, have returned with their first studio album in a quarter century titled “Vengeance“.
Reunited is the core trio that drove the band through those years; guitarist and lead vocalist David ‘Rock’ Feinstein, bassist and vocalist Gary Bordonaro, and drummer Carl Canedy.

The band’s album comes on the heels of Feinstein’s solo effort ‘Bitten By the Beast’, which was released last November.
That album, like “Vengeance”, features a song performed by legend Ronnie James Dio, who also happens to be Feinstein’s cousin and former bandmate in ELF way back in the early seventies.

“Vengeance” is a true hard rock / traditional metal effort, a very retro sounding album. You won’t find sweet melodies or heavenly harmonies here.
David ‘Rock’ Feinstein’s vocals aren’t the most dynamic or impressive, but works for this kind of material.
Some tracks are pretty weak imho, but we can find some respectable and even cool old school crunch songs as “Raise Some Hell”, the catchy “I Just Wanna Rock” or the ‘denim & leather’ “Runnin’ Wild”.

Another interesting song is “Let It Ripp”, which begins with a neat percussive effect where drummer Canedy used some jazz drum sticks on plastic cafeteria seats. When the song kicks in it is unrelenting and ruthless and delivered with an energy that proves that the band is not merely going through the motions.

But we are presenting this album here merely for the highlight on this disc: the song “The Code” sung by Ronnie James Dio.
The song itself, which explores meaning of truth in a philosophical way, is the gem of the CD, especially with its haunting march outro that brings shivers when one thinks that this is the last we will hear from a legend that has been performing for us musically for over 50 years (Ronnie James Dio got his start as a trumpet player with The Vegas Kings in the late 1950s)
It doesn’t matter if you like The Rod’s style or not, you must have this album for this track alone.
We miss you Ronnie.

01 – Raise Some Hell
02 – I Just Wanna Rock
03 – Rebels Highway
04 – Ride Free Or Die
05 – The Code (feat. Ronnie James Dio)
06 – Livin’ Outside The Law
07 – Let It Ripp
08 – Fight Fire With Fire
09 – Madman
10 – Runnin’ Wild
11 – Vengeance

David ‘Rock’ Feinstein : Lead Vocals, Guitars
Gary Bordonaro : Bass, Vocals
Carl Canedy : Drums
Ronnie James Dio : Lead Vocals (5)

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