THE RODS – Let Them Eat Metal [Rock Candy Remastered +4] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

THE RODS - Let Them Eat Metal [Rock Candy Remastered +4] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Rock Candy specialists have ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ three of the most celebrated ’80s albums from underrated New York rockers THE RODS. Properly titled “Let Them Eat Metal“, Rods’ fourth studio album is a cult classic.
This 1984 LP combines the AC/DC meets Motorhead attack of The Rods’ early albums with the polished production and the vibe of Quiet Riot’s ‘Metal Health’, and some from Canadians Helix, early Twisted Sister and Riot. It’s darn heavy US hard rock with a kick and catchy choruses.
This Rock Candy remastered reissue sounds ‘big’, and adds 4 bonus tracks, including a cover of “You’d Better Run”, which was made famous by Pat Benatar.

The Rods, despite their hallowed reputation, had been subjected to a string of overwhelming career obstacles, not least of all their sudden departure from major label Arista records and their inability to gain exposure in the UK after a string of lauded dates supporting Iron Maiden.
Life was an uphill struggle for a band that at one point in their existence seemed to have it all in the palm of their hands.

THE RODS - Let Them Eat Metal [Rock Candy Remastered +4] (2020) back

Refusing to succumb to this tidal wave of resistance, the band picked themselves up and released two further albums on independent labels, which led to a more substantive association with the newly formed Combat label in America.
Helmed by Walter O’Brien (later to manage Pantera) who was also connected to the band via drummer Carl Canedy’s burgeoning production career, Combat bankrolled the band’s fourth studio album, titled ”Let Them Eat Metal”, originally issued in 1984.

It is a record of dynamic power, packing a real punch, with such Rods classics as ‘Rock Warriors’, ‘I’m A Rocker’ and the peddle to the metal gear shift of ‘Bad Blood’. All songs that continued the emphasis on red hot hard n’ heavy, spearheaded by the track ‘She’s So Tight’.
The record sold fine, and even gained a UK release through the Music For Nations label.
This album is a fine testament of the band’s infatigable spirit and refusal to give up, and while The Rods never make it big at the major leagues, remains as cult classic for the genre. (thanks to MD for this one)

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01 – Let Them Eat Metal
02 – White Lightning
03 – Nuclear Skies
04 – Rock Warriors
05 – Bad Blood
06 – She’s so Tight
07 – Got the Fire Burning
08 – I’m a Rocker
09 – She’s Such a Bitch
10 – You’d Better Run
11 – Life On the Edge
12 – Evil Woman / Popeye’s Drum Solo (Live)
13 – Too Hot to Stop (Live)

David “Rock” Feinstein – Vocals, Guitars
Carl Canedy – Drums
Garry Bordonaro – Bass



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