THE RODS – In The Raw [Rock Candy Remastered +5] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

THE RODS - In The Raw [Rock Candy Remastered +5] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE* full

Rock Candy specialists have ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ three of the most celebrated ’80s albums from underrated New York rockers THE RODS. Originally released in 1983, The Rods’ third album after being dropped by Arista Records – bad timing for the label, as in ’83 this type of hard rockin’ stuff was ready to explode by the hands of Quiet Riot.
Shrapnel Records immediately signed The Rods and released ‘In The Raw‘, actually a good name for this LP as the record was taped almost live into the studio.
Some may sneer at the less than perfect recording, but those of us who know and love true classic metal / hard can appreciate the charisma that the production brings to this album. Actually, I think this live feel works to The Rods’ benefit and gives them a power that may have been lost, had the production been overly polished.
This remaster provides a clearer sound, without cuttin’ the album’s edge. And there’s 5 bonus tracks.

The Rods formed in Upstate New York during the late Seventies and achieved the distinction of being one of the very few hard rock bands to have signed, in 1981, with major label Arista records under the counsel of industry heavyweight Clive Davis.
The band also secured much support from the metal underground, which helped them to establish a solid beachhead of two albums that the fans enthusiastically connected with. Sadly, in the big picture, Arista’s lack of expertise in the hard rock world left the band floundering and commercially underachieving.

By the time of ”In the Raw” the band had departed from Arista and turned instead to well-respected independent label Shrapnel, helmed by guitar aficionado Mike Varney.
It was, in many respects, an inspired move, despite the fact that the album was recorded in a few days. But the energy and enthusiasm is brilliantly captured and showcases the band in a raw (hence the title!), undiluted and resolutely determined fashion.

Despite the lack of studio finesse the songs are perfectly formed, the band having rehearsed them to achieve the maximum effect.
Musically, the band continues down similar roads as their first two albums, punching out chunky, hard rocking, classic metal / hard rock. ‘Witches Brew’ ranks among one of The Rods finest cuts.
‘Another Night On The Town’ is another of those songs heavily influenced by Ritchie Blackmore. The main riff in this particular tracks reminds me of ‘Man on a Silver Mountain’. While this may seem to be ‘stealing’ a riff, it is clear that David “Rock” Feinstein was merely playing tribute to the man that inspired him to pick up a guitar.
Tracks such as ‘Hurricane’, ‘Witch’s Brew’, ‘Street Fighter’ and ‘Hot City’ show what a powerful unit the band had grown into.

The album eventually appeared in 1983, a year after they had supported Iron Maiden on a full UK tour, a set of dates that enhanced their reputation as one of the best US bands following in the NWOBHM slipstream.
This remastered release is punchy n’ loud, with five bonus tracks including some live takes which are not the best recordings in the world, but showcasing how hot The Rods were on stage circa 1983. (thanks to MD for this one)
Highly Recommended rawk stuff

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01 – Hurricane
02 – Can’t Get Enough of the Fun
03 – Witches Brew
04 – Go for Broke
05 – Hot Love
06 – Hot City
07 – Street Fighter
08 – Evil Woman
09 – Hold On for Your Life
10 – Another Night On the Town
11 – In Your Panties
12 – Stay On Top
13 – Nothing Going On in the City (Live)
14 – Whole Lotta Led (Live)
15 – End of the Line (Live)

David “Rock” Feinstein – Vocals, Guitars
Carl Canedy – Drums
Garry Bordonaro – Bass



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