THE RODS – Live [Rock Candy Remastered +1] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

THE RODS - Live [Rock Candy Remastered +1] (2020) full

Completing the 3-CD batch of the recent Rock Candy Records ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ best ’80s albums from underrated New York rockers THE RODS, here’s “Live“, released after their studio album ‘In the Raw’.
On here, The Rods ditch the studio polish to release a live batch of vicious, anthemic, blue-collar metal / hard rock numbers.
In a live setting, the band was loud and raunchy, almost like Ted Nugent meets Motorhead. They were fun live band as they interacted with the audience quite a bit, which is quite apparent throughout this album.

By the time of this recording The Rods had released three studio albums and completed a widely praised UK tour supporting Iron Maiden. That they were primed and ready to be recorded live was not in question as the band’s in-concert prowess was already well documented among fans and critics, giving them a well respected cache in the world of underground hard rock.

The time had come then to document the band’s ferocious live performances and what better way to get that underway than record a handful of gigs on the American East Coast, a chunk of this record culled from a particularly combustible 1983 opening slot on a gig headlined by Motorhead.

Unlike a number of live albums from other bands, The Rods lived and fell by their ability to attack playing live as if their life depended on it, which this album clearly demonstrates.
Whether it was due to the lack of funds or simply down to their sheer intensity, the recordings here are utterly spellbinding, displaying a reckless abandon of traditional rock etiquette and laying out a road map to hard rock punch.
Sure, in the cold light of day the songs are tight and brittle but there’s a certain hunger that engulfs proceedings, like they were being set alight in a room full of gunpowder.

The band refused to offer up a greatest hits/best of selection, choosing instead to feature mostly newly written songs so that their fan base would view it as a legitimate new release and not just a reheated package of previous material. As bonus, this reissue features an new studio track.
The recording quality wasn’t the best, but “Live” helped to further their reputation – alongside Twisted Sister and Riot – as honorary Stateside members of the British NWOBHM movement. (thanks to MD for this one)
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01 – I Live For Rock N’ Roll
02 – Hellbound
03 – Born to Rock
04 – The Viper
05 – Violation
06 – Speed Demon
07 – Hurricane
08 – Devil’s Child
09 – Rabid Thunder
10 – Cold Sweat and Blood
11 – Sit Down Honey [Studio Track]

David “Rock” Feinstein – Vocals, Guitars
Carl Canedy – Drums
Garry Bordonaro – Bass



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