ROBIN GEORGE – Dangerous Music [remaster + bonus] (2012)

ROBIN GEORGE - Dangerous Music [remaster + bonus] (2012)

Although he has only achieved cult status in the United States at this point in time, Great Britain’s ROBIN GEORGE is legendary in his home country. Even though he’s probably best known as a backing guitarist for a variety of well-known British superstars, George is very much a songwriter and musician in his own right.
And now, 27 years after it’s original release his debut album “Dangerous Music” is once again being made available to the public.

The big problem with this album re-issues was the terrible sound. The Sanctuary/Castle (2000) is almost intolerable.
Luckily in 2010 Angel Air records published a good version including previously unreleased tracks, but in limited quantities, and has become pretty scarce and hard to find.
Now is being available again (at least in a digital form) for our listening pleasure.

“Dangerous Music” is a very slick commercial album combining radio rock, AOR and Melodic Rock.
But George was one of those artists who was able to balance commercial appeal with artistic integrity, and thus his music was very appealing to both communities.
The album features plenty of Robin’s tasty guitar work (of course) but it also presents many songs that, in a perfect world, would have been major hits.

“Heartline” opens this remastered edition. This is simply an amazing track. It’s catchy as hell and contains one of the best guitar solos in memory. The song is a classic. There is something of a hit-single about it, plucky keyboards and great background vocals courtesy of Mr. Chris Thompson and Pete Green.
“Spy” is rock&pop with a hit refrain that sticks like superglue. Robin’s guitar still rocks no matter the amount of pop refrains that has been applied.

In the sharp AOR keyboard-laden “Shout” George utilises an arsenal of fine Synth Guitars, in a song where rhythm rules.
Robin has always mixed his contemporaries with his personal older influences; “Hit List” does not sound like a track from the eighties, it’s more a late seventies hard rocker with a glossy production.
The compulsory ballad takes a while, but “Don’t Turn Away” encourages slow dancing with full body contact without being overly sentimental. It feels sincere all in all.

We have other luminaires contributing in this recording; master Pino Palladino, Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy) and Phil Soussan (Ozzy, Billy Idol) share bass duties. Kex Gorham (ex- Magnum) and Dave Holland (ex- Judas Priest) share the drumming, while Mark Stanway (Magnum) plays some keyboards.

This remaster features the tracks that appeared on the original vinyl release plus a bunch of cool bonus tracks previously unreleased. If you have the horrendous 2000 CD you should check the sound quality of this new remaster (and also get the bonuses).
“Dangerous Music” is an excellent album that unfortunately got lost in the blur of the ’80s most likely because the original record company (Bronze) folded soon after the initial release.
This reissue will hopefully make more people aware of this talented fellow’s early recorded work.
Top pick.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – Heartline

02 – Spy

03 – No News Is Good News

04 – French Kisses

05 – Stolen From My Heart

06 – Shout

07 – Showdown

08 – Hit List

09 – Shoot In Sight

10 – Don’t Turn Away

11 – Space Kadett (b-side) [bonus track]

Live at Tommy Vance Show;
12 – Heartline [bonus track prev. unreleased]

13 – Spy [bonus track prev. unreleased]

14 – No News Is Good News [bonus track prev. unreleased]

Previously unreleased digitally;
15 – Heartline (Dangerous Mix)

16 – Don’t Turn Away (Dangerous Mix)


Robin George: Vocals, All Guitars, Guitar & Bass Synth, Fairlight, Effects
Pino Paladino: Bass, Fretless Bass
Phil Soussan: Bass
Phil Lynott: Bass
Mark Stanway: Synthesizer
Pete Green: Synthesizer
Adrian Lee: Keyboards, Synthesizer, Bass Synth
Dave Holland: Drums
Kex Gorham: Drums
Kex Gorin: Percussion
Chris Thompson, Pete Green, Robin: Backing Vocals



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