SAIGON KICK – Saigon Kick [Rock Candy remaster +2] (2018)

SAIGON KICK - Saigon Kick [Rock Candy remaster +2] (2018) full

Rock Candy specialists have just ‘Remastered & Reloaded’ all three SAIGON KICK albums with bonus tracks. First and self-titled debut “Saigon Kick” is one of the best rock albums appeared at the beginning of the ’90s.

During the early Nineties there were an enormous amount of hard rock bands that, although extremely talented, suffered front the shifting sands of time and taste, with the media almost exclusively focused on the sounds of Seattle, and, in particular, the emerging grunge movement.
It was this obsession with a new trend that resulted in a number of perfectly serviceable groups being consciously sidelined.

Saigon Kick was one such example. Formed in Florida during the late ’80s, this storming four man unit, led by vocalist Matt Kramer and guitarist Jason Bieler, crafted a particularly potent brand of hard rock that relied as much on power pop as it did on heavy riffs.
It was an interesting twist on traditional rock, edgy but melodic, poppy at places but powerful, always taking care to detail.

SAIGON KICK - Saigon Kick [Rock Candy remaster +2] (2018) disc

There was also a perceptible psychedelic tinge to the arrangements helping the band to rise above the standard competition by a considerable margin.
Produced by Michael Wagener (Skid Row, Extreme, Ozzy Osbourne), and released on Atlantic Records (via Michael Douglas’s Third Stone imprint), the album had been taped at a frantic pace in Los Angeles, featuring the great Jeff Scott Soto providing backing vocals.
Released in 1991 it sold well and quickly established the band as exciting contenders.

The album contains a number of instantly catchy tracks, including the infectious ‘What You Say’ (quite strongly aired at MTV), the fun ‘Down By The Ocean’, power ballad ‘Love Of God’, or the heavier ‘Coming Home’.
It was an impressive enough debut to warrant Atlantic records making a commitment to album number two.

SAIGON KICK - Saigon Kick [Rock Candy remaster +2] (2018) back

Not only “Saigon Kick” is one of the best rock rock albums from 1991, but also one of the most consistent which marvelously has stand the test of time.
This band had it all; very inspired songwriting, solid musicianship, a strong lead vocalist and some amazing chops from guitarist Jason Bieler. While the songs are more elaborated than the typical album from the genre / era, expert Michael Wagener keep things always catchy and melodic, providing a crisp production sound.
This Rock Candy fresh remaster is truly excellent, and the reissue includes 2 rare, hard to find B-side as bonus tracks. (thanks to Jon for this one!)
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – New World
02 – What You Say
03 – What Do You Do
04 – Suzy
05 – Colors
06 – Coming Home
07 – Love Of God
08 – Down By The Ocean
09 – Acid Rain
10 – My Life
11 – Month Of Sundays
12 – Ugly
13 – Come Take Me Now
14 – I. C. U.
15 – Hey Hey Hey [Bonus Track]
16 – Colors (Acoustic) [Bonus Track]

Matt Kramer – lead vocals
Jason Bieler – guitar
Tom Defile – bass
Phil Varone – drums
additional musicians:
Jeff Scott Soto – backing vocals


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