ANGEL – White Hot [Rock Candy remaster +2] (2019) *EXCLUSIVE*

ANGEL - White Hot [Rock Candy remaster +2] (2019) full

Rock Candy Records specialists have remastered a second batch of ANGEL‘s discography, and here’s one of the band’s best: “White Hot”, plus 2 bonus tracks including the mega rare Canadian only single B-side ‘Better Days’.
“White Hot”, one of Angel’s most mainstream, commercial and successful outputs, featured new bassist Felix Robinson. The track ‘Ain’t Gonna Eat My Heart Out Any More’ was a minor hit, very radio friendly. Compare this and the debut and they’re a mile apart, but listen to the albums in order and the journey seems obvious.

The story of Angel is quite remarkable. Launched as the diametrical opposite of KISS (who shared the same label) the band was supposed to reflect the less intimidating qualities of their great adversaries.
It was a polar position reinforced by progressive musical attributes and an image that featured angelic all white costumes. KISS was being sold as bad boys but Angel, like the name suggests, were knights in white satin.

Their complex, prog-infused, pomp AOR rock suggested that they were superior musicians cut from a very British-influenced musical heritage, with shades of Yes, Led Zeppelin, Procol Harum and Genesis underscoring their style.
‘White Hot’ was the band’s fourth album, following three highly praised but commercially disappointing previous records. This time around, they decided to take stock and plan a different musical strategy.
One that saw them refining their style, drawing on hard hitting rock&pop rather than overt prog touches.

In addition, they brought in a new producer, Eddie Leonetti, a man who had been building a healthy and respectable reputation as the hard rock producer de jour. His previous work with fellow LA rockers Legs Diamond helping to cement the decision to use him.
Originally released in 1978, and housed in a beautifully illustrated album sleeve, the record boasted ten tracks of lean and mean rock, with the emphasis on hard hitting hooks and hip kicking riffs.

Tracks such as ‘Don’t Leave Me Lonely’, ‘Ain’t Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore’ (originally recorded by the Young Rascals), ‘Hold Me, Squeeze Me’ and ‘Over And Over’ underscored the band’s intention perfectly.
Look out to for the bonus ‘Better Days’. Oddly, this song only was released as single B-side in Canada only, and it’s a true collectible as the original tapes were lost. For this reissue, it’s obviously taken from vinyl, but the sound quality is very good.

While “White Hot” was recently reissued (after many years out of print) as part of Angel’s The Casablanca Years Box Set, this Rock Candy remastered sounds better in my opinion, fuller.
A great album from the golden era of Pomp AOR / MR.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – Don’t Leave Me Lonely
02 – Ain’t Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore
03 – Hold Me, Squeeze Me
04 – Over And Over
05 – Under Suspicion
06 – Got Love If You Want It
07 – Stick Like Glue
08 – Flying With Broken Wings (Without You)
09 – You Could Lose Me
10 – The Winter Song
11 – Better Days (Single B-side)
12 – The Christmas Song (Single Edit)

Frank DiMino – lead vocals
Punky Meadows – lead guitars
Felix Robinson – bass guitar
Barry Brandt – drums
Gregg Giuffria – keyboards, Moog, IIIC synthesizer



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