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TNA hails from Memphis, Tennessee and their bluesy Hard Rock was far away from the flashy Sunset Strip scene that was happening at the time when these tracks were recorded between 1989-90.
They started out as a cover band, but soon turned their collective attention to writing originals, influenced by classic rock ‘n roll acts focused on delivering heavy hitting riffs that got straight to the point, but with high sense of melody and song structures which underlines their blues roots originated in Memphis.

To get a picture of TNA style, think Tesla ‘Great Radio Controversy’ era, evident on many tracks as “All Nite Long”, “Don’t Look Back” or “Bump & Grind”.
“Don’t Fade Away” has a very melodic line inspired by earlier Sebastian Bach’s Skid Row. The guitar solo is meaty and the whole song is filled with very nice vocal harmonies. They definitely sound like late Aerosmith on the smokin’, very blues-driven bar rocker “I’m Already Gone”, featuring a very special arrangement in the middle of the song. Really good.

“Dirty Love”, “Hard Way” and “You Cried Wolf” are influenced by the L.A. scene with some sleazy swagger on it, with hooky choruses and cool refrains. TNA speeds things up a bit and rocks convincingly on the catchy “Hard Way” and “Take A Walk”, the latter remind me the more Aerosmith influenced Guns N’ Roses.
“It’s Over” is a great mid-tempo ballad with tons of feeling. The atmosphere captured into the studio is sooth an hazy with a sound in the style of the best Great White.

TNA - TNA [Eonian Records] back

TNA’s self titled album comprises tracks from different 89-90 session recordings, and although the production quality vary, all are professionally done.
The first thing that impress you is the excellent musicianship, specially the hot guitar work and the solid rhythm section. Jefrey Harr is a strong singer and his voice has a special tone, a bit like Jeff Keith from Tesla, but with a tonge-in-cheek twist.
This is a very good collection of Rock ‘N Roll songs, from a band that had all to make it big.
Better late than never.
Highly Recommended


01 – All Nite Long
02 – Bump & Grind
03 – Dirty Love
04 – Don’t Fade Away
05 – Don’t Look Back
06 – Hard Way
07 – I’m Already Gone
08 – It’s Over
09 – Just Another Day
10 – It Don’t Come Easy
11 – Take A Walk
12 – You Cried Wolf

All songs recorded 1989-90

Jefrey Harr – Lead Vocals
Randi-Mike Field – Guitars
Wayne Swinny – Guitars
Eric Lewis – Guitars
Kelly McDonald – Bass
Michael Gumm – Bass
Eddie Matlock – Drums



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