D’ERCOLE – Rock Scar (2011)

D'ERCOLE - Rock Scar (2011) bonus track

Bonus Track edition

D’Ercole, the band set up by Damian D’Ercole and Phil Vincent, have ready the follow up to their 2010 debut album ‘The Art Of Self Destruction’ already reviewed HERE.

The name of the new CD is “Rock Scar” and it’s another fine example of a group of like minded people who get a kick out of writing melodic rock, which they obviously love, and then recording it for the many other lovers of the genre.

OK, I know, nothing on here is that new or that original in it’s outlook, but I don’t really care about that because D’Ercole have recorded a set of highly melodic and decidedly catchy songs that anyone who calls themselves a fan of classy Melodic Hard Rock will want to hear.

“Find Your Way” is a prime example of this, pink and fluffy AOR keyboards abound on this song, which are then joined to an infectious guitar riff that gels into an excellent hookline. Which is just what we all want from our melodic rock isn’t it?

Doesn’t end there though, “Dying Breed”, “Never Had It So Good” and the wonderful “Face In The Crowd” are again melodic rock heaven, and took me back to the eighties heyday for this type of music.

“Rock Scar” has definitely a more melodic rock / aorish approach than the previous album (concentrate on guitars), including high doses of keyboards and layered harmonies.

While the debut was compared to Dokken and sorts, this time they take Winger as reference. And I love it.

‘Rock Scar’ is a fine slab of retro ’80s / ’90s sounding melodic rock.

Hopefully this album will see Phil Vincent, Damian D’Ercole and their friends finally getting some of the recognition they so richly deserve.

01 – Dying Breed

02 – Never Had it So Good

03 – Find Your Way

04 – Road of Regret

05 – Face in the Crowd

06 – My Only Hope

07 – Silent Pain

08 – Nothin’ Left to Lose

09 – I Will Follow

10 – Critic’s Choice

11 – In Your Time of Need

12 – So Far Down

13 – Rock Scar

14 – To Die For You (bonus track)

Phil Vincent – Lead vocals, Synthesizers

Damian D’Ercole – Guitars

William Arnold – Bass

Tane DeAngelis – Drums

Produced by Phil Vincent



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