TORA TORA – Revolution Day (2011)

TORA TORA - Revolution Day (2011)

“Revolution Day” features material that TORA TORA was working on for the follow-up to their 1992’s album ‘Wild America’ when the influx of grunge led to Tora Tora being cast aside as has-beens and “Revolution Day” itself being shelved until now.

1993-94 was a strange time for ’80s hard rock bands — the majority of groups discovered how Dinosaurs must have felt as they also became extinct while a few others stumbled over their own feet in an attempt to stay current during a musical climate that had abruptly made them irrelevant.
Tora Tora fit into the first category, but not before working on “Revolution Day” — an album that was the logical continuation of the sounds being explored on Wild America.

From the opening Zeppelin-esque intro of the title track “Revolution Day”, you almost know right out of the gate that you are about to hear something special, and it only gets better. This track should have been a blazing hot tune on the radio back in ’94.
Staying true to the original rock concept are numbers like the straight-ahead heavy hitter “Mississippi Voodoo Child”, “Little Texas” and “Out Of The Storm”.
On the lighter side are “Candle And The Stone” and the exceptional “Shelter For The Rain” — the later rivals “Mississippi Voodoo Child” as the best track on the CD — while expanding the horizons a bit is the thumping horn infused number “Memphis Soul”.

“Revolution Day” never received a proper release after it was recorded back in 1994.
Inferior and partial copies of the recordings have been floating around the Internet for years, much to the dismay of the band.
Guitarist Keith Douglas comments: “The files found and shared on the Net are a poor copy from cassette that are actually too fast. This CD release is the real thing.”

If you have one of those shoddy bootleg copies, you really owe it to yourself to hear the songs of “Revolution Day” recorded in all of their glory.
While they were always closer to Tesla in sound and look than hair-metal bands, on this album the Tesla comparisons are more evident than ever.
It took a long time for this CD to see the light of day, but if it becomes the catalyst for a Tora Tora rejuvenation today, it was worth the long wait.

01. Revolution Day

02. Mississippi Voodoo Child

03. Candle And The Stone

04. Blues Come Home To You

05. Time And The Tide

06. Shelter From The Rain

07. Living A World Away

08. Rescue Me

09. Little Texas

10. Memphis Soul

11. Me And You

12. Out Of The Storm

Anthony Corder – Vocals
Keith Douglas – Guitar
Patrick Francis – Bass
John Patterson – Drums


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