SINNER – One Bullet Left (2011)

Since the middle of the ’80s the name SINNER is the epitome in the European hard & heavy scene.
Leader Mat Sinner doesn’t like to sit still. Despite his busy schedule with Primal Fear and his involvement with many projects as the recent Kiske-Sommerville, he has always kept his own band alive and kicking.
With his own group he has already been rocking for more than three decades, always with quality in this genre.

After the release of ‘Crash & Burn’ in 2008, the band went through a serious change in the line-up; seeing that next to Mat only guitarist Christof Leim remained in Sinner.
But they are back with the sixteenth studio album, “One Bullet Left” enlisting new drummer Andre Helgers (Rage), introducing guitarist Alex Schlopp (Tarja) and also guitarist Alex Beyrodt – who had played for twelve years with the band in the past – has returned home.

Yes, the band work with three guitar players, and that is immediately audible in the full sound of the opening track “The One You Left Behind”. This a delightful anthemic up-tempo track, classic Sinner, classic euro hard ‘n heavy; polished and melodic.
With “Back On Trail”, as on some Sinner previous works, the love for Thin Lizzy again comes forth. The vocal similarities to Mr Phil Lynott during the verse is incredible. Very nice.
“Give & Take” is oriented to the Primal Fear (the other Matt’s band) sound, while “One Bullet Left” is a pumping hard rocker with stadium spirit.
“10 2 Death” is the more (and only on the entire album) euro metal track on the CD, heavy, but melodic and clean.

These first 5 tracks are fun and entertaining hard rocking tunes, but now arrives the song that worth alone the purchase of this disc.
“Haunted” is a terrific, superb pure Melodic Hard Rock gem, with its melodious mid-tempo pace, great sustained guitars and glorious vocal harmonies, this is definitely one of the best songs of the year. Awesome.
Next is another highlight. A cover of Steve Stevens’ Atomic Playboys main title, a rocking and meaty europeanized version full of energy.
The following tracks are solid as well, being “Suicide Mission” and “Mend To Be Broken” typically ’90s Sinner, while “Wake Me When I’m Sober” is another really good midtempo melodic hard rocker, very eighties.

Like its predecessor this new Sinner effort has become more of a sturdy rocker than a metal album.
“One Bullet Left” is a classic euro Melodic Hard Rock CD, with music summon an old-fashioned atmosphere that goes back to the ’80s and early ’90s.
Matt Sinner produced the album himself this time, and he has done a great job giving to his songs a crispy and well rounded sound, with an eye on the classic years but definitely up to date.
A really surprising disc, ‘back to the roots’, full of melody and convincing tunes.

01 – The One You Left Behind
02 – Back On Trail
03 – Give & Take
04 – One Bullet Left
05 – 10 2 Death
06 – Haunted
07 – Atomic Playboys
08 – Suicide Mission
09 – Wake Me When I’m Sober
10 – Mind Over Matter
11 – Mend To Be Broken
12 – Rolling Away

Mat Sinner: Vocals, Bass
Alex Beyrodt (Primal Fear, Voodoo Circle): Guitars
Christof Leim (The New Black): Guitars
André Hilgers (Rage, Silent Force): Drums
Alex Scholpp (Tarja, Tieflader): Guitars


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