MITCH MALLOY – II [retail] (2011)

MITCH MALLOY - II [retail] (2011)


Mitch Malloy will be releasing “Mitch Malloy II” this month, his highly anticipated follow-up album to the RCA Records 1992s smashing debut ‘Mitch Malloy’, which scored three Top 20 hits.
Mitch says: “For years my core fans have asked me to give them another album full of Melodic Rock and I’m proud to say that Mitch Malloy II is just that.
For me, this is my real second album, the true follow-up to my major label debut, the record that I’ve wanted to make for a long time.”

These days, Mitch is living the dream, creating the music he was born to make.
Last February, Malloy sequestered himself with the sole mission to take his self titled debut to the next level. He reached out to his peers and the momentum began to mount.
A dream-team of musical guests appear on “II”, as Phil Collen (Def Leppard) who also co-wrote the song he plays on, “As Long As I’m With You”. This track, a beautiful melodic ballad, has a deep and rounded classy sound.
“Falling To Pieces” is pure melodic rock bliss, from the verses to the trademark Malloy chorus. Same with the pumpin’ and catchy “I’ll Love You Still”.

Mitch brought on Keith Scott (Bryan Adams) to co-write “Love Song”, an extremely melodic track with resemblances of his nineties major debut, even to his ’88’ album.
The renowned Randy Goodrum joins on “Take It All”, a soft tune with a classic rock sound, including organ and vintage guitars. This is one of the album’s best tracks.
Other stellar guests includes guitarists Pete Lesperance (Harem Scarem), Keith Howland (Chicago, Rick Springfield), and for a flashback to the self-titled album, Hugh McDonald (Bon Jovi, Alice Cooper) appears on bass. Maestro C.J. Vanston (King of Hearts, Richard Marx) plays keys and co-wrote as well.
And for a vocal treat, Jeff Scott Soto, Bruno Ravel (Danger Danger) and AOR legend Brett Walker offered their voices to the choir on the rockin’ “I’m The One”, the first single.

“Mitch Malloy II” shows this gifted vocalist truly returning to his most melodious moments.
All the songs on this new recording have a real ’80s / early ’90s vibe, both in sound and songwriting. The harmonies, melodic guitars, keyboards – and essentially – his unmistakable (intact) voice, are all there.
Mitch teamed up with long-time friend and musical accomplice Victor Broden to co-produce.
The album will be available on physical CD for the first time during his highly anticipated return to Firefest Festival in Nottingham, England, on October 23, 2011, and on popular digital stores.
“Mitch Malloy II” is pure melodic rock at its best. Pure, classy Mitch Malloy.

01 – I’m The One
02 – Falling To Pieces
03 – I’ll Love You Still
04 – Carry On
05 – Love Song
06 – On And On
07 – I Don’t Know How
08 – Take It All
09 – What I Miss
10 – As Long As I’m With You
11 – Let Love Win
12 – All My Friends

Mitch Malloy: Lead Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Victor Broden: Drums
Keith Howland: Guitar
John Henry Trinko: B3 organ and Leslie
John Deaderick: Keyboards
Alessandro Del Vecchio: Keyboards, Background Vocals
Miles McPherson: Percussion

Phil Collen: Guitar on “As Long As I’m With You”
Pete Lesperance: Guitar on “Falling To Pieces”
Keith Scott: Guitar on “Love Song”
Leo Lioni, Freddy Scherer: Guitars on “Carry On”
C.J. Vanston: Keyboards on “As Long As I’m With You”
Hugh McDonald: Bass on “What I Miss”
Randy Goodrum: Piano on “Take It All”
Jeff Scott Soto: Bkg Vocals on “As Long As I’m With You”, “I’m The One”
Brett Walker: Background Vocals on “What I Miss”, “I’m The One”

Add. Background Vocals: Tim Wheeler, Jim Larson, Paul Froelich, M.E. Morganteen, Jeff Lamprecht, Greg Berger, Niklas Zwingel, Danilo Musacchio, Chris Revie, Chris Siloma, Mario Percudani, Josh Zighetti


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