V.A. – Advanced Releases sampler October 1 (2011)

V.A. - Advanced Releases sampler October 1 (2011) Chris Ousey, Doogie White, Stampede, Soul Seller, Bang Tango, Diemonds


Heartland / The Distance / Virginia Wolf vocalist Chris Ousey is pleased to announce his long awaited solo debut CD “Rhyme & Reason” on November 11.
Chris has a knack of writing great lyrics and with Tommy Denander writing the music / co-producing together with Mike Slamer (also Guitars and Keyboards) the combination is just pure magic. This is just a dream-team, as Neil Murray (Whitesnake/Gary Moore) play Bass and Gregg Bisonette (Dave Lee Roth) Drums.
The advance single “Mother Of Invention” is a superb slice of melodic hard rock that will have you singing every chorus after the first spin.

Rydell & Quick is one of the most touring rock band in Sweden. They’ve held more than 3,000 concerts and broken audience records over 70 times at venues in Sweden.
Originally formed by Christer Rydell (guitars and vocals) and Malin Quick (saxophone and vocals), now the band is a five piece group.
They’re an explosive modern Euro Melodic Rock combo nuanced with the heavy sax and female vocals of Malin.
After the successful album R.O.C.K.O.H.O.L.I.C (2006), now the band is releasing all over Europe the catchy single “All In Like A Rockstar”.

Finally, R ‘N R veteran Doogie White will be releasing his first solo album
According to a press release, “As Yet Untitled” is a collection of 10 dramatic and hard-hitting rock songs co-written by White and some good friends he has made over the years on the rock scene.
The album was recorded at various studios in Florida, Germany, and Scotland but most of the production was handled in Sweden with Pontus Norgren (who also plays guitars) at the helm.
“Time Machine” is the advanced single, a furious old school hard rocker.

UK hard rockers Stampede have recently been in the studio recording a special remake of “Shadows Of The Night”, a track which was an old favourite and always a mainstay of their live set.
Although originally recorded live, both for a BBC In Concert session and at Reading Rock Festival in 1982 for the live Official Bootleg album, up until now Stampede had never recorded a studio version of the song.
“We wanted to do something to say a big thank you to our fans and to all the people that have supported us this year with the release of our new album” states vocalist Reuben Archer.
The band just kick off a series of live dates with US rockers Y&T, in support of their new CD ‘A Sudden Impulse’, released in May this year.

Singer/songwriter Jeremey Frederick is a platinum-selling songwriter (under his full name of Jeremey Frederick Hunsicker) thanks to his association with the band Journey – and a writing credit on the million-selling 2008 release ‘Revelation’ – .
The classy melodic rocker “Stay” is another of the songs to be included in his 1st full length solo CD, ‘Every Little Thing’, to be released this year.
Do you miss Steve Perry? Check Jeremey, it’s amazing.
Join Jeremey’s Kickstarter to help him get his album out:

Jamie Allen (released ‘The Storyteller’ this year) has just written and recorded at his home an acoustic version of “Against The Ceiling”, dedicated to Jani Lane, his family, and all Jani and Warrant fans around the world.
Allen words; “Against The Ceiling is simply me putting myself in the place of my hero, and favorite songwriter ever, Jani Lane, on the night that he passed away.
It was just my way of moving on, or my grieving process so to speak. Jani’s words and melodies will live on forever!”

UK melodic rock band Sacred Heart (‘Shake’ 2007 and ‘Darkness Falls’ 2009) have ready their 3rd album ‘Propaganda’, to be released at the end of October.
The album’s single is “Nothing At All”, a very catchy melodic rock song that features some of the band’s sing-a-long stylings.

Italian melodic rockers Soul Seller announced that their international debut CD will be out on October 21, 2011 through Avenue of Allies Records.
Soul Seller are based in Northern Italy and appeared first on the scene in 1999. After the release of their debut album ‘Underground Freedom’ in the year 2000 the band went through some line-up changes until the current members finally found together in 2010.
The new album “Back To Life” was produced by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Shining Line, Lionville, Eden’s Curse) and includes a lead vocal duet with Oliver Hartmann (Hartmann, Avantasia).
Check their track “Wings Of Freedom”, sounds really promising.

Swedish hard rockers Evergrey have confirmed the release date, November 28, for ‘A Decade and a Half’, a two disc Greatest Hits collection.
Since the band arrived on the scene with their first album in 1998, Evergrey have brought out eight studio albums and one live release. All of them made the top 20 in their native Sweden and the last two made the top 10.
‘A Decade and a Half’ contains previously unreleased songs, live tracks and their last single “Wrong”, which received a gold award for over 10.000 sold copies in Sweden.
This single take of “Wrong” is different from the album version.

California rockers Bang Tango will release their new album, ‘Pistol Whipped In The Bible Belt’ this month.
The songs have a bit of influence from their nineties releases, a blend of pounding rythms and heavy groovy vibes.
Former Bang Tango guitarist Alex Grossi co-wrote the single “Suck It Up”, a powerful hard rock track with a big riff.

One of Toronto’s hardest working bands is none other than hard rockers Diemonds. The past five years have seen the band touring endlessly, and pulling out all the stops on their live shows.
Front woman Priya Panda radiates the sexiness that is Tia Carrere in Wayne’s World but rocks like Axl in his ‘Appetite For Destruction’ heyday. She happens to be the cause of much excitement although that shouldn’t downplay her vocal prowess or the rest of the band’s killer music chops.
They have finished recording their 1st full-length album ‘The Bad Pack’ set for release at the end of 2011. “Take On The Night” is the storming first single.

01 – Chris Ousey – Mother Of Invention
02 – Rydell & Quick – All In Like A Rockstar
03 – Doogie White – Time Machine
04 – Stampede – Shadows Of The Night (2011 recording)
05 – Jeremey Frederick – Stay
06 – Jamie Allen – Against The Ceiling (dedicated to Jani Lane)
07 – Sacred Heart – Nothing At All
08 – Soul Seller – Wings Of Freedom
09 – Evergrey – Wrong (different single version)
10 – Bang Tango – Suck It Up
11 – Diemonds – Take On The Night

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