V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases July 2017 – Vol.4

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases July 2017 - Vol.4 Mr Big, Kryptonite Hinder Riverdogs

More & more very interesting releases coming up this Summer. Let’s check the more relevant Melodic Rock / AOR advances just appeared.
Frontiers Music has put out more advances from their upcoming releases such as MR. BIG‘s third single ‘Mean To Me’ (so far my favorite as it owns that early ’90s melodic rock feel) and a new track from KRYPTONITE, the new amazing project including Jake Samuels from The Poodles, Alessandro Del Vecchio (Lionville), Pontus Egberg (formerly of The Poodles and now the bass player for Treat), Robban Back (ex-Eclipse) and young and immensely gifted guitarist Mike Palace. You will love what they have cooked up for you.

Also there’s a new cut from the much anticipated debut of THE NIGHTS. The band includes Finnish singer Sami Hyde (Tony Mills Band) who has written songs for many artists like The Magnificent, and Ilkka Wirtanen, known for his work as a producer and co-writer for Reckless Love.
‘American Dream’ is the 3rd single from RIVERDOGS upcoming album, and if the first two were good, this one is even better with a true classic melodic rock sound.

And Frontiers has presented the first song from one of their newest acts: WAYWARD SONS. This new band is made up of Toby Jepson (vocals, guitar), Sam Wood (guitar), Nic Wastell (bass), Dave Kemp (keys) and Phil Martini (drums). They have an impressive resume of groups they have previously worked with: Little Angels, Gun, Spear Of Destiny, Treason Kings and Chrome Molly to name a few – which is reassuring in terms of the band as players. The music is hard rock but mixed with a vitality and energy – both musically and lyrically.

Melodic hard rockers STATION returns with the hook-laden ‘All You Need Is a Heartbeat’, a song that recalls an era of refined harmonies, guitar solos you could sing along with as easily as any chorus and cannon fire drums.
Yes, you guessed it: pure ’80s! I love this band and this track is one of the best I heard recently truly in the best tradition of the genre. Terrific tune.

Also returning there’s Italian hard rockers VOODOO HIGHWAY with the single ‘To Ride The Tide’ (new album soon), MASSIVE has a strong new single ‘Calm Before The Storm’ to premiere at their June/July 2017 UK Tour Dates, and young rocker JARED JAMES NICHOLS surprises with the new song ‘Last Chance’, much more heavy and modern than anything he has released so far.

HINDER seems to have abandoned their modern rock origins in favor to a more melodic rock feel as heard in their new single ‘Remember Me’ (new full album soon). Well done guys.
DAMN FREAKS is one of the most promising emerging indie bands which will be releasing their debut CD in August. ‘Break The Chains’, the first single featuring Tygers Of Pan Tang singer Jack Meile rocks with a lovely ’80 US hard rock sound with some Van Halen / early Dokken on it.

With the suggestive title ‘Alien Makers Of Discord’, this is the first single from the new project PROSPEKT, a killer melodic progressive metal / hard rock combo bringing to mind the awesome pristine sound of James LaBrie solo works. ’90s guitar hero Greg Howe delivers a scorching guest guitar solo. Can’t wait for the full album.
Steve Lukather’s son Trev is playing and arranging the new album from young female rocker DIAMANTE, and the fresh single ‘Coming In Hot’ is a cool rocker with a strong ’80s Joan Jett vibe on it.
For the last, UNISONIC will release a live album soon, with the band’s name track ‘Unisonic’ presented as advance. Killer version full of fire.

01 – Station – All You Need Is A Heartbeat
02 – Wayward Sons – Until The End
03 – Mr. Big – Mean To Me
04 – Kryptonite – This Is The Moment
05 – The Nights – Nothing But Love
06 – Riverdogs – American Dream
07 – Damn Freaks – Break The Chains
08 – Hinder – Remember Me
09 – Jared James Nichols – Last Chance
10 – Diamante – Coming In Hot (feat Trev Lukather)
11 – Massive – Calm Before The Storm
12 – Voodoo Highway – To Ride The Tide
13 – Prospekt – Alien Makers Of Discord (solo by Greg Howe)
14 – Unisonic – Unisonic (the song) [Live]

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