BADMOUTH – T Part Three Of H.A.T.E (2011)


Swedish hard rockers BADMOUTH are back again this year with a new EP entitled “T ; Part Three Of H.A.T.E”.
The guys have rocked the world with their critically acclaimed full length melodic hard rock album ‘Heavy Metal Parking Lot’ (already presented on this blog).

” T ” is the 3rd part of a quadrology called H.A.T.E., where rock bands play their versions of songs written by Swedish singer-songwriter Sofia Talvik, a folk-rock oriented artist.
Badmouth has a very retro 80’s melodic hard rock style on their own material, but for these tracks they’ve gone more to the late seventies, with a rough sound and a classic hard rock attack.

I never heard the original folk versions, but the band has really made the songs their own, and trust me, here’s nothing folk related at all.
This is straight, in your face hard rock with melting guitar riffs, as heard on the fast paced “Dilusional” and “Circle Of Friends”.
Anyway, the characteristic ‘Badmouth sound’ is present on the catchy “To Watch The Bridges Burn” and the really interesting “Jonestown”, a tune with a very nice melodic line and radio-rock potential.

If you enjoyed Badmouth’s ‘Heavy Metal Parking Lot’, this is a great opportunity to listen the band playing something different.
“T ; Part Three Of H.A.T.E” will please as well lovers of classy hard rock with strong riffage and attitude.
Despite the ugliest cover art in many years, “T” is filled with good rockin’ music to bang your head for a while.

You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrock

01 – Dilusional
02 – Circle Of Friends
03 – To Watch The Bridges Burn
04 – Jonestown

Tom Pearsson (Vocals)
Chris LeMon (Bass)
Mike Hill (Rhythm Guitar)
Randy Joy (Lead Guitar)
Vinnie Sharpe (drums)


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