MUSTASCH – Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven (2012)


Formed in the Orust island, Sweden, MUSTASCH has been making noise from some time. After a 3-year hiatus they’re back with the new album “Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven”

This is an experienced band which has released several albums generally tagged as Heavy/Stoner Metal, but on this new effort, their style and sound should be described as plain Metal. And a good one.
Shouter Ralf Gyllenhammar delivers behind the mic everything what a true Metal vocalist should; power, aggressiveness and attitude. But all controlled and focused. His band mates are tight and precise, creating a blasting, no-holds-barrel sound in the best Metallica tradition.
Some few stoner hints still can be found, but nowadays Mustasch seems to be more confident to deal with Thin Lizzy-esque influences.

Without wasting time, the album’s opener “Speed Metal” spits 100% the band’s dynamics with a smashing wall of guitars. Don’t be fooled by the track name, this isn’t speed, just Metal that seems coming out from Metallica’s Black Album or Loaded.
“The Challenger” continues in the same exponential pattern, spreading a frenetic pace and traditional riffs through it.
“It’s Never Too Late” slow the things a bit, but for Mustasch standards does not means bland. It’s a marching rockin’ tune with a down-tuned riff. On “Morning Star” is where some stoner sounds emerge, with a retro style.
The groovy “Dead Again” blends the heaviness of the good Metallica (not the current crap) with classic Black Sabbath, while “Destroyed by Destruction” has a contagious twin-guitar attack.
On “Your Father Must Be Proud Of You” the band offers more variation, as this track is an accessible hard rocker, almost catchy in its essence.

Perhaps you’re scratching your head guessing why a Metal band appears featured on this blog. Well, on “Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven” Mustasch delivers truly good, in-your-face, scorching Heavy Rock. That’s why.
Not only of fine Melodic Hard Rock / AOR we should feed, it’s always a pleasure to listen some well written and played Metal, and Mustasch delivers the goods. The production is first class, special mention to the incredible drum sound.
Open your years and enjoy the cracking rockin’ CD that “Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven” is, the album Metallica should have been recorded after the Black Album.

01 – Speed Metal
02 – The Challenger
03 – It’s Never Too Late
04 – Cold Heart Mother Son
05 – Morning Star
06 – Dead Again
07 – Your Father Must Be Proud Of You
08 – Destroyed by Destruction
09 – I Don’t Hate You
10 – Northern Star

Ralf Gyllenhammar – Vocals & Rhythm Guitars
David Johannesson – Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Stam Johansson – Bass
Danne McKenzie – Drums


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