THE TREATMENT – Then & Again + bonus (2012)

THE TREATMENT - Then & Again + bonus (2012)


THE TREATMENT, the Cambridge five-piece hard rock band who recently completed a full European tour with Steel Panther, are releasing new material.

Originally recorded as a special EP for Record Store Day in April, “Then & Again” was limited to 300 copies and only made available to buy from an actual record shop (not online) on the day itself, each copy signed by the band.

Now his label have announced that the EP will be widely available again for those who missed out the first time and for international fans.

Before getting to the music, let’s start with the packaging. There’s a nice Star Wars style cover, and inside it doesn’t just tell you what the songs are that are on the EP, it tells you why they chose to do each of the songs (all are cover versions).

That for me was a really nice touch – there are thousands of great songs out there, so to get some insight into why a band has chosen a particular song to cover is unusual and interesting.

The songs are covers are from the seventies which in itself is a surprise given that none of the band was actually born ’till after the seventies ended.

Five iconic rock songs, so you have to be foolish or just young and talented to tackle them. Songs like this have weight, gravitas, a life of their own. Like swimming with sharks, if you can’t keep up, they’ll drag you under.

Fortunately, The Treatment have the talent, the chops and an instinctive way with a rock song, and all versions success.

“Evil Woman” is a surprise choice – ELO have a very different sound / style to The Treatment, so it’s definitely not an obvious choice of band or song to cover (whereas the others are more guitar led and are a more natural fit). Matt Jones brings more of a rocky edge to the track while the the strings are replaced by cranked up guitars with great results.

“Run, Run, Run” (Jo Jo Gunne) is just brimming over with youthful abandon. The joy is almost palpable. You can almost sense the band’s incredulity that they are actually recording this all time great rock song.

Although the collection is book ended by the tracks apparently most favoured by the band – a reverential version of Chris Spedding’s “Motor Bikin” and a full blooded take on Slade’s “Take Me Back ‘Ome” – the standout cover is that of Canned Heat’s classic “Let’s Work Together”. The song’s relentless groove and the universal appeal of the lyrics, simply drawn and almost introspective, combine to edge the band toward a fuller, more mature sound.

In addition, since June 1 The Treatment now have their latest single / video on release – a 2012 re-recorded version of “Nothing To Lose But Our Minds” (the original of which can be found on the band’s debut ‘This Might Hurt’ album released September 2011). This is a much more Melodic Rock oriented take on this very good anthem.

The B-side of the single is the newly recorded cover of the Electric Light Orchestra’s “Evil Woman”, which can be found in physical form on the “Then & Again” EP as well.

Although a covers album, The Treatment have made these songs own in “Then & Again”.

Wisely, producer Laurie Mansworth (Airrace) keeps things simple and soundly structured, giving the songs a rawer, edgier feel. Like he wants it to sound deliberately dated, but yet there is no way you would mistake these versions for karaoke copies.

For The Treatment, it is evidence of their influences. What they listened to during the formative years. The spirit that infuses and informs their music…culminating in last year’s ‘This Might Hurt’.

Big guitars, big melodies and big, indeed huge hooks, the aurally adhesive kind, the type that resonate, strike a chord, sink in fast and stay in your consciousness forever.

Great Stuff.

01 – Motor Bikin’ (Chris Spedding cover)

02 – Let’s Work Together (Canned Heat cover)

03 – Evil Woman (Electric Light Orchestra cover)

04 – Run Run Run (Jo Jo Gunne cover)

05 – Take Me Bak ‘Ome (Slade cover)


Nothing To Lose But Our Minds (2012 Version)

Matt Jones : Vocals

Ben Brookland : Guitars

Tagore Grey : Guitars

Rick ‘Swoggle’ Newman : Bass

Dhani Mansworth : Drums


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