DALLAS – Over The Edge (2012)

DALLAS - Over The Edge (2012)


DALLAS is the brainchild of Bryan Dallas, a 26 years old musician from Castro Valley, CA, whom composes all of the music and performs the vocals and all the instruments in his debut EP “Over The Edge”.

Freshly formed in the beginning of 2012, Dallas recruited 4 local musicians to help spread on stage his gold old fashioned good time rock and roll. But the songs of this recording were written some years ago by Bryan alone, and recorded in different studios totally produced by himself.

Bryan explains, “I think the ‘Over The Edge’ EP is a culmination of several yearsof development and disciplined chaos.”

What we have on this EP?

Five tracks of bombastic anthemic stadium rock choruses that bound to be a big summer hit, blaring out of cars everywhere.

Just in time for summer, Dallas is bringing back glammy, hooky pop metal. If the mega-overdubbed choruses of Def Leppard’s Hysteria still do it for ya, you’re gonna dig this dude.

Bryan Dallas resurrects here the super-slick, catchy anthems of the late ’80s when a zillion Def Leppard clones emerged trying to cop Mutt Lange’s songwriting and production techniques.

And indeed the first thing that impress you is the excellent production / sound.

Musically, Dallas isn’t a Def Lepp clone, but on the extremely catchy “Open Your Heart” (check the video-track below) the influence, both in sound & style are undoubtable. What a great song.

“Bring The Light” and the awesome “I Close My Eyes” have the same vibe, with a hint of Bryan Adams Lange-produced era as well. Both also reminds you 7th Heaven with its more modern arrangements approach, but with much better engineering.

“Devil Is Rock ‘N’ Roll” is a bit different, a simple track towards a crunchy attack.

On “Over The Edge” Bryan Dallas has nailed the ’80s commecial super-produced pop metal sound with incledible results.

Considering he is the only responsible of the production duties, this young musician is more than a great promise for the Melodic Rock genre in years to come. He has the skills, not only behind the desk but also the ability to write catchy tunes.

Give it a listen, you’ll love this.

Highly Recommended.

01 – This Love

02 – The Devil is Rock ‘n’ Roll

03 – Bring The Light

04 – Open Your Heart

05 – I Close My Eyes

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