B.I.T.E – Rock Into The Night (2012)

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B.I.T.E is a Hard Rock / Hair Metal band hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, founded in 2011 by guitarist Lizzy Louiz.

Their sound comes from a mix of influences, mostly from ’80s American acts that made it big in the second half of the golden decade.

The aptly titled “Rock Into The Night” is the band’s debut album, and what a cracker it is.

After the first soundbyte, what really impresses in “Rock Into The Night” is the terrific producion, courtesy of Tito Falaschi (Angra).

Second, the excellent musicianship of all B.I.T.E members. It will surprise you, trust me.

And then, the killer bunch of songs of pure, vibrant ’80s Melodic Hard Rock.

Right out of the gate the title track quickly proves that B.I.T.E have talent beyond their years. It may not be an original approach as reminds you many famous bands, but the guitar riff supplied by Lizzy Louiz makes one immediately take notice — and when working in tandem with vocalist Elvis B. creates a killer opening punch.

Lizzy and second axe-slinger Danny Danger provide a truly sharp delivering in this recording, full of a monster guitar sound, while singer Elvis B. is incredibly clean and right on pitch.

Precisely the vocals really stand out on the following track “Take Me Higher”, as they perfectly mix melody with just the right amount of grit during the chorus of “poison overload, takes me higher”.

No ’80s hair metal album would be complete without the obligatory ballad, and B.I.T.E supply it on the Firehouse influenced “I Still Love You”.

After the melodious Skid Row-esque “Dirty Sick Vice” and the anthemic hard rocker “Burning My Heart”, B.I.T.E expand their horizons ever so slightly during “Rock Pride”. The track’s opening stuttering guitar lead offers something a little different before evolving into a straight rockin’ song.

The album get back to balladry during the short acoustic effort “Rainbow In The Sky”, but quickly return to rock you when “Dreaming Of Love” – arguably the album’s stand out – comes roaring out of the speakers.

Closing the CD is the oddly titled “See You Wild”, a song that ends the album nicely and simply reinforces that B.I.T.E should be taken seriously, especially the guitar duo.

“Rock Into The Night” is more than a pleasant surprise.

If someone ever wrote a manual on how to perfect the hard rock / hair metal sounds of the ’80s, Brazil’s B.I.T.E have obviously found it and studied it diligently.

Whether it is scorching hard rock numbers, mellow ballads, roaring guitar riffs, soaring vocals, large harmonies or great production, B.I.T.E check off all the ingredients that made this genre so memorable — right down to the cliched zebra print artwork and Jack Daniels t-shirt worn in the album’s liner notes.

With a singer who has a voice tailor-made for hard rock, and a guitar tandem that rivals most within the genre, B.I.T.E are a band that will satisfy music lovers who long for the days of old.

Very Recommended.

01 – Rock Into The Night

02 – Take Me Higher

03 – I Still Love You

04 – Dirty Sick Vice

05 – Burning My Heart

06 – Rock Pride

07 – Rainbow In The Sky

08 – Dreaming Of Love

09 – See You Wild

Elvis B. – vocals

Lizzy Louiz – lead guitar

Danny Danger – guitar

Lance Lynxx – bass

Vikki Sparkz – drums



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