DE LA CRUZ – Cherry Bomb + EP (2013)

DE LA CRUZ - Cherry Bomb + EP (2013) mp3 download


Formed in 2011 around Gold Coast, Australia, DE LA CRUZ are easily one of the most promising arena hard rock bands to come out of underground scene.

Since the band released independently their self-titled EP at the end of that year, they have toured endlessly, received massive support in TV, radio and magazines all over the world and were signed by no-other than Frontiers Records for a full-length debut album.

When guitarist Casey Jones — a guy born and raised with ’80s rock music — met singer Roxxi Catalano in Auckland some years ago, De La Cruz come to life.

With Catalano’s air-raid siren vocals, street level attitude and Jones fretboard melting riffs and string-searing shred, the pair instantly clicked musically and through a shared passion for ’80s arena-style rock and musical respect the dream was started.

Jones and Catalano going on to record several demos via the internet over the next few years, until they put together the right line-up, adding Rory Joy on guitar, Grant Daniell on bass and Lacey Lane on drums.

De La Cruz proudly wear their influences on their T-shirts (Def leppard, Motley Crue, Winger, Dokken, Ratt, Van Halen) and for anyone that has a love for bombastic, harder edged melodic rock, then you are in for a treat with these guys.

De La Cruz have just released the first single and video “Cherry Bomb”, taken from the upcoming ‘Street Level’ album. The band’s full-length album will be released on on March 22nd in Europe and March 26th in North America.

In this advanced single, we can hear the guys have kept the musical coordinates of their debut but now even more sonically bombastic.

“Cherry Bomb” is an this anthemic melodic hard rocker sporting a chorus that seems to come from a late eighties Roxus recording, with a fantastic polished production.

The rest of the tracks are from the self-titled EP, more direct in sound yet not less melodic. “Good As It Gets” is a kickin’ Dokken-esque slice of torn-singlet, patched denim jeans, teased hair and bandana wearing hard rock, while the awesome “Lust Fame Money” is a ’83-like fist-in-the-air Def Leppard styled winner.

Title says all in “Back To The 80’s”, an instant pomptastic AOR rocker where Winger meets Def Lepp again, and in the named as the band number “De La Cruz” a melodic Britny Fox comes to mind.

De La Cruz shows no sign of stopping with the boys currently setting their sights firmly on rocking the global arena into 2013.

They have a US coast to coast tour booked for this summer, with Europe, Japan and Australia shortly after.

Melodic Hard Rockers rejoice: De La Cruz will release soon one of the best albums of the year.

01 – Cherry Bomb (new single 2013)

02 – Good As It Gets

03 – Lust Fame Money

04 – Runaway

05 – Back To The 80’s

06 – Fire Inside

07 – De La Cruz

Roxxi Catalano – Vocals

Casey Jones – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Rory Joy – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Grant Daniell – Bass, Backing Vocals

Lacey Lane – Drums


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