MIKE TRAMP – More To Life Than This +1 (2013)

MIKE TRAMP - More To Life Than This +1 (2013) digitally remastered mp3 download


Singer MIKE TRAMP started his solo career at the end of the nineties after fronting White Lion and Freak Nature, and now the Danish rocker is relasing his own catalogue by himself in association with Target records, all digitally remastered.

One of my favorites is “More To Life Than This”. Tramp is also preparing a new album, and we can hear an advance here via the first single.

Recorded in Copenhagen, Denmark, Tramp recruited quite a stunning array of musicians to help him record the album. Alongside his trusted, Danish rhythm section, the guitarist position was filled by some of the best players around: Todd Wolfe (best known for his work with Sheryl Crow) and as guests we have Texas wunderkind Eric Johnson and session-ace Steve Lukather.

The songs in “More To Life Than This” are guitar driven, with a simpler live feel to the tracks, featuring prominent keyboards (mostly Hammond) and warm vocal harmonies.

Opener “More To Life Than This” rocks along in fine style, what now could be described as typical Mike Tramp-style, featuring personal lyrics, a moody chorus and more uptempo and instantly recognizable chorus.

“Lay Down My Life For You” is more rootsy, earthy melodic rock, while “Don’t Want To Say Goodnight” is a happy go lucky rocker with an instant, memorable chorus and ranks as one of the album’s best. “Nothing At All” is a sweet guitar and organ driven ballad. It has a slightly southern feel to it and a slow laid back vibe, but with a strong chorus hook, as usual.

“Live For Today” features some intense great guitar work and an upbeat tempo, picking up the pace of the album up and runs perfectly into “Back From The Dead”, another rocker that old school Tramp fans will love; a big guitar riff driven hard rocker with a strong verse-bridge-chorus build up.

“I Won’t Let Go” continues the uptempo pace. Another album highlight, this track features a great melodic verse and a great feel-good chorus. Steve Lukather provides the song’s guitar solo, which only adds magic to the already excellent atmosphere.

“The Good The Sad and the Ugly” finishes the album in fabulously classy style. Clocking in at 6:21, this is a monster ballad, melancholy, sentimental and heartbreaking. Some fantastic lyrics and an acoustic guitar/piano/organ musical base provides all the elements of a classic track. But even better, guitar master Eric Johnson delivers a killer haunting extended guitar solo that finishes the song. Perfect.

The new Tramp track recorded few weeks ago is called “New Day”, a melodic acoustic midtempo ballad featuring some slide guitars and Tramp’s vocal really upfront in the mix. A nice sweet melodic tune.

“More To Life Than This” is a really enjoyable album featuring all the elements of Mike’s music that fans love – some catchy choruses, feel good melodic rock tracks, haunting ballads and good honest rock ‘n roll.

Tramp once again produced the album himself but relied on producer/engineer Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica) to engineer and mix the sessions in his very own studio, obtaining a warm and clear sound.

Put this one in you car stereo and enjoy the ride.

01 – More To Life Than This

02 – Lay Down My Life For You

03 – Don’t Wan’t To Say Goodnight

04 – Nothing At All

05 – Day By Day

06 – Live For Today

07 – Back From The Dead

08 – I Won’t Let Go

09 – Goodbye Song

10 – The Good The Sad And The Ugly

11 – New Day (New track 2013)

Mike Tramp – Vocals, Guitars

Kasper Damgaard – Guitar

Oliver Steffensen – Guitar

Claus Langeskov – Bass

Kasper Foss – Drums

Dan Hemmer – Hammond B-3

Additional musicians:

Todd Wolfe – Guitar

Steve Lukather – Guitar solo on # 8

Eric Johnson – Guitar solo on # 10

Nicholas Findsen – Bass

Stine Larsen – Vocal duet in #9




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