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Former White Lion front man MIKE TRAMP will release next May 21 his new album “Everything Is Alright“, which we’re presenting in a world-wide exclusive here at 0dayrox.
The album’s titled track was officially selected as Tramp’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest representing Denmark. Written during last year’s lockdown, Tramp is giving to the world yet another exquisite song that continues his two decade long tradition of heartfelt and personal work which reaches out and connects on a human level with others.
The year 2021 is going to be a very special year for this particular great Dane. He will celebrate 25 years as a solo artist, his 60th, yes 60th birthday, and a return to the stage that kickstarted a career that now spans over 43 years, as he compete to represent his native Denmark in the 2021 Eurovision song contest, a competition he first represented them in way back in 1978 with his first band Mabel.

It is abundantly clear that the quality in the songwriting is showing no signs of dropping. In fact, much like a fine wine, Mike Tramp seems to be getting better with age. The lyrics just pour out from his mouth like a freshly opened, well-aged bottle of red wine, while musically is a captivating thing of beauty, yet it holds you from the opening chord, almost mesmerising as it meanders along, not letting go until the last note fades out.
‘Everything Is Alright’ is a totally honest song, written directly from the heart, which given the heritage of Mike Tramp’s song writing should come as no surprise.

Having won the Danish Song Contest in 1978 with Mabel and represented Denmark in the Eurovision Song Contest later that same year, Mike will return just over four decades later on the same stage and in the context that kick-started his career with his message from Denmark and all countries of Europe in these dark times.
After all the years and a lifetime of experience, it feels right to be back.

Tramp is unafraid to tackle the difficult subjects in life including loss, betrayal, death, family difficulties and responsibilities and relationship problems. Recognising the importance of the human condition and, that he has, himself, learned more through suffering that joy, Mike creates albums and songs that explore human emotions and life situations and seeks to make sense of man’s existence with old fashioned values refusing to be seduced or suffocated by superficial considerations.
With the recent troubles caused by the Pandemic which has affected so many on a global scale causing humans to look both at the world and at themselves with a critical eye and to appreciate the real things that matter, no time more like the present has been more suited to appreciate Mike’s work which has always questioned the world and personal existence and sought to make the world a better place.
Highly Recommended

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01 – Give It All You Got
02 – Trust in Yourself
03 – If I Live Tomorrow
04 – Cobblestone Street
05 – Coming Home
06 – Everything Is Alright
07 – Dead End Ride
08 – Take Me Away
09 – The Road
10 – More to Life Than This

Mike Tramp: vocal, guitar, piano
Oliver Steffensen, Soren Anderson: guitar
Claus Langeskov, Jesper Haugaard, N. Findsen: bass
Kenni Andy: drums, Morten Hellborn, Kasper Foss
Emily Garriock Langeskov: backing vocals
Morten Buchholz: keyboards



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