MIKE TRAMP – Maybe Tomorrow (2017)

MIKE TRAMP - Maybe Tomorrow (2017) full

Former White Lion frontman MIKE TRAMP will release his tenth solo album, “Maybe Tomorrow“, on February 24, 2017 via Mighty Music / Target Group. The CD is without doubt one of the Danish singer / songwriter’s finest efforts so far, and the nature of the music is deeply personal.
“Maybe Tomorrow” was recorded at Medley Studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, once again with Tramp’s trusted partner Søren Andersen behind the knobs and on guitar.

Tramp is a fantastic songwriter and a great storyteller and this “Maybe Tomorrow” comes soon after the quick fire trilogy of Cobblestone Street, Museum and Nomad, all released in consecutive years. If you liked those albums then you’ll be glad to hear that this new one very much continues the theme.
What’s nice about Mike Tramp, all these years after White Lion, is his honesty and confidence. He has settled vocally, and any high-pitched squelching he was compelled to peel off during the ’80s has matured into a sage, everyday rocker’s intonation.

The album has a rockier opening with ‘Coming Home’, before becoming a mid-tempo track that he does so well. Most of the songs on offer here are fairly stripped down and from the heart but what sets Tramp apart from the rest is the quality of his songwriting.

He excels on the rocking, thoughtful tracks such as ‘Rust and Dust’ and ‘Leaving One Day’, then the album closer, the more melancholic title track ‘Maybe Tomorrow’.
The haunting ‘Time and Place’, which consists of just vocals and a simply beautiful piano backing track is a staggering piece of work, while ‘What More Can I Say’ has a fantastic bounce to it.

MIKE TRAMP - Maybe Tomorrow (2017) back

Yet to release a less than stunning album, Mike Tramp just seems to get better with each new record.
“Maybe Tomorrow” is, put simply, a superb piece of work. Here’s to an artist whose voice just improves with age, and his way to craft an emotional rocking song is truly hard to match.

01. Coming Home
02. It’s Not How We Do It
03. Spring
04. Would I Lie to You
05. Rust and Dust
06. Leaving One Day
07. Time and Place
08. What More Can I Say
09. Why Even Worry at All
10. Maybe Tomorrow

Mike Tramp (vocals, guitar)
Soren Andersen (guitar)
Morten Buchholtz (keyboards)
Jesper Haugaard (bass)
Morten Hellborn (drums)


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