JORDAN JORDANOV featuring GORAN EDMAN – Angel’s Touch [Japan only CD] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

JORDAN JORDANOV featuring GORAN EDMAN - Angel's Touch [Japan only CD] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE* full

Here we have another 0dayrox exclusive: JORDAN JORDANOV featuring GORAN EDMAN album “Angel’s Touch“, only released in Japan and only available on physical format.
This project by Bulgarian guitarist JORDAN JORDANOV started several years ago and since the beginning GORAN EDMAN agreed participate, singing on all tracks. There’s many musicians involved, and a lyricist from America, so expect quality material.
The overall sound & style here is acoustic guitar driven rock with pianos and synths, plus electric guitar. While the mood is in a midtempo pace, there’s moments for uptempo electricity.

However our favorite moments are when there’s an acoustic environment – with elaborated layers of sounds – giving room for Edman’s vocals to shine. We rarely have the chance to hear this talented singer perform this type of songs, and you’ll love it. A man with an outstanding, melodic and pristine set of pipes.

Jordanov play various instruments, but he’s mostly a guitarist. He delivers a couple of instrumentals here, the short ‘Acoustic Madness’ showing his nylon strings finger picking, and the rocking ‘The Heartbeat Next To Mine’, full band electric.
All good stuff, but as said the highlights here are the ‘songs’, where Goran Edman shine delivering a wide range of emotion on the sweet ‘Angel’s Touch’, the more upbeat ‘Rising’ and ‘One Second’, the ballads ‘Life’s Candle’ and ‘The Letter’, and the ethereal ‘Dreams Are’ with its very good lyrics too.

JORDAN JORDANOV featuring GORAN EDMAN - Angel's Touch back

“Angel’s Touch” will appeal to all, timeless melodic classic rock aficionados, and it’s a must have for Göran Edman fans. And incredible, versatile vocalist like few out there.
Only at 0dayrox


OrphicTone Japan 【ORPH ~ 0011】
ヨルダン・ヨルダノフ・フィ ー チャリング・ヨラン・エドマン

01 – Acoustic Madness
02 – Angel’s Touch (Orchestral Version)
03 – Rising
04 – One Second
05 – Life’s Candle
06 – The Letter
07 – Dreams Are
08 – Angel’s Touch (Acoustic Version)
09 – The Heartbeat Next To Mine
10 – Acoustic Madness – Reloaded

Göran Edman – all vocals
Jordan Jordanov – guitars, bass, percussion, keyboards
Konstantin Dobrev – bass
Diyan Dimov – fretless bass
Goran Rista – drums
Ray Johnson, Dobromir Dobrev – piano
Jens Skwirblies – Hammond B3



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2 Responses

  1. Stephen Reed says:

    Hi I am interested in buying the cd and live in the UK.
    The price is very high via the Japanese sites via Ebay.
    Is there any possibility of obtaining the cd at a reasonable price.
    I am a big collector of quality rock and have many Goran Edman cds.
    Please reply asap
    Thanks Steve.

    • 0dayrox says:

      Hi Steve.
      This copy was purchased by a collector friend and he’s not selling it.
      Unfortunately, I doubt the CD will find a release outside Japan some day.
      try here :

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