GRACE AND FIRE (feat Göran Edman & Mark Boals) – Elysium (2021)

Hailing from Nottingham, UK, GRACE AND FIRE was formed in 2019 and their music is described as Progressive Rock fusing with Melodic Hard Rock in an anthemic, song-based, accessible format. Comprised by experienced musicians including Tim Ashton (formerly of Galahad) and Graham Brown (Paradox Twin, Cairo), the band is presenting their debut album titled “Elysium“.
Production and mixing by Threshold’s Karl Groom is indicative of the quality that can be expected, and add to that renowned guests such as keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Sons Of Apollo) and tremendous vocalists Göran Edman and Mark Boals…


After the acclaimed debut album “At Last”, the talented and unique “Backman Johanson and The Others” (BJATO) are back, and thrilled to announce the release of their follow up album “Crazy Game Of Love“. BJATO‘S music is well known for its West Coast /AOR style with a strong emphasis on well-arranged songs and breezing choruses.
This new album has an exciting line up, with many of the musicians and singers who worked on the “At Last” album returning, plus new ones. This includes TOBB lead singer Frode Vassel and also BEYOND IMAGINATION singer Viktor Johansson amongst many other well known Scandinavian AOR and West Coast musicians.
Since opener – the title track – awesomely performed by Goran Edman, you’re into a treat of perfectly produced Eighties-like music, a must for fans of the genre…

Backman Johanson And The Others (BJATO) – At Last +2 [Reissue including Bonus Tracks] (2019)

At Last” is the fascinating debut album by Backman Johanson And The Others (BJATO), the Swedish project inspired by classic AOR sounds. Created by experienced musicians Mats Johanson (guitars, keys and programming) and Kaj Backman (keys and programming), the record features class musicians and vocalists such as Göran Edman, Johan Boding, Frank Ådahl, Tomi Malm and many more.
Many years in the making – hence the title “At Last” – the album is a delicious collection of melodic songs carefully arranged, performed and produced. Including two bonus tracks – one of them sung by Edman – the album was reissued 2019.
The motto here is Westcoast AOR, not so in the ‘smooth side’ of the genre but in its more dynamic spectrum. I would say ‘melodic rock Westcoast’.
Think CWF Champlin – Williams – Friestedt, Street Talk, some TOTO, Tomi Malm recent album featured here (who also play keyboards), Talk Of The Town, Radioactive, etc.

BACKWOOD SPIRIT (Göran Edman lead vocals) – Fresh From The Can (2021)

Fresh From The Can” is the upcoming album from BACKWOOD SPIRIT, that’s Swedish classic rock with none other than Göran Edman singing. It sounds like the last three decades simply did not exist as it rocks, grooves and is full of bluesy sounds, organically produced and simply authentic. Music like a cool drink at a campfire on a Summer’s night.
Compared to their debut album, “Fresh From The Can“ is able to raise the bar considerably via refined songwriting and detailed arrangements. As usual, Edman shines all over.
This is the first release to feature new band member Mats Berglund on bass and again impressively shows Backwood Spirit’s influences…

JORDAN JORDANOV featuring GORAN EDMAN – Angel’s Touch [Japan only CD] (2021) *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

Here we have another 0dayrox exclusive: JORDAN JORDANOV featuring GORAN EDMAN album “Angel’s Touch“, only released in Japan and only available on physical format.
This project by Bulgarian guitarist JORDAN JORDANOV started several years ago and since the beginning GORAN EDMAN agreed participate, singing on all tracks. There’s many musicians involved, and a lyricist from America, so expect quality material.
The overall sound & style here is acoustic guitar driven rock with pianos and synths, plus electric guitar. While the mood is in a midtempo pace, there’s moments for uptempo electricity.
However our favorite moments are when there’s an acoustic environment – with elaborated layers of sounds – giving room for Edman’s vocals to shine. We rarely have the chance to hear this talented singer perform this type of songs, and you’ll love it. A man with an outstanding, melodic and pristine set of pipes…

RON COOLEN – Rise [feat. Keith St. John, Göran Edman, George Lynch] (2021) *EXCLUSIVE*

Rise” is the debut album from Dutch multi-instrumentalist RON COOLEN, an album inspired by the classic hard rock sound from the ’80s and he has gathered a stellar line up of world class musicians from the genre: we have top singer Keith St. John (Burning Rain, Kingdom Come, Lynch Mob, Montrose) providing most the vocals, but also Göran Edman, George Lynch, Thorsten Koehne (Eden’s Curse), Steve Lamb (Tygers of Pan Tang), and many more.
The album only was released in Holland past year, but will receive international distribution in a few weeks.
We have some killer stuff here, very well recorded & produced.
Only at 0dayrox

JAYCE LANDBERG (feat Göran Edman & Erika) – The Forbidden World (2020)

Yngwie Malmsteen’s first decade major releases. Unique vocalist Göran Edman. A mix of neo-classical metal with Eighties American Melodic Hard Rock. True analog recording.
If that stuff is your thing, JAYCE LANDBERG‘s new album “The Forbidden World” is a must in your collection. Heck, even ERIKA (Yngwie’s girlfriend during the era and with two very good albums as solo artist at the time) guest here in one song.
Landberg did this album in the old fashioned way; no pro-tools plug-ins, just straight to the amp, real electric guitar sound. So if these aren’t enough reasons to trip back to 1985-1990… just better press play and enjoy!

JOHN NORUM – Total Control +6 [Rock Candy Remastered] (2020) *EXCLUSIVE*

Guitarist JOHN NORUM left Europe in 1986 at the very height of their popularity, and soon after released his first solo album, “Total Control“, now wonderfully remastered by Rock Candy Records with the addition of 6 bonus tracks.
Recruiting a new backing band of long-time musical friends (including Marcel Jacob, a former Europe member on bass) and Göran Edman for lead vocals, “Total Control” mix Europe’s melodic side with an edgy, guitar driven hard rock sound.
This remaster is terrific, and the bonus track real pearls; the live version of Thin Lizzy’s ‘Bad Reputation’ worth this CD alone.
Only at 0dayrox

THOBIAS WIKLUND (feat Göran Edman) – Playing Loud (2020)

Swedish guitarist, composer and producer THOBIAS WIKLUND is part of classic metal bands Twilight Illusion and Nozanopra, but has a solo career as well. Together with the well-known singers Göran Edman (John Norum, Malmsteen, Cry Of Dawn, etc.) Peo (Staggerwing, Leviticus) he’s releasing his second solo album “Playing Loud”.
When guitarists make solo records, instrumental tracks are close at hand. “Lost In A Dream” and “Feelings To Explain” are possibly interesting for guitarists in particular, both strong, and melodic stuff.
However the numbers of interest are the vocal tracks, such as the catchy “We Will Rock” with a smooth Edman singing this 80s-style melodic rocker with ease, or….

LUCA SELLITTO (feat. Goran Edman) – The Voice Within (2019)

Italian guitarist and songwriter, founder and leader of Stamina LUCA SELLITTO is releasing his own solo album “The Voice Within” with the likes of Göran Edman, Henrik Brockmann (ex-Royal Hunt) and Rob Lundgren (The Mentalist) on lead vocals, plus drummer Patrick Johansson (ex Yngwie Malmsteen; Impellitteri) and bass player Svante Henryson (ex Yngwie Malmsteen; Joey Tempest).
Do you miss Malmsteen’s sound of the mid-Eighties? Look no further and grab “The Voice Within” immediately.

ROXX (feat Goran Edman) – Lynze (2019)

Guitarist and songwriter Rodrigo Bugallo, also known as ROXX, is one of the founding members of melodic rockers Gunner, and now is presenting his debut solo album “Lynze” where shows his abilities as axe-man, but there’s also sung tracks performed by no-other than talented Swede Göran Edman. Roxx is a teacher, session-man and an experienced rock guitarist able to play...

MARC VANDERBERG (feat Goran Edman) – Phoenix From The Ashes (2019)

“Phoenix From The Ashes” is the third full length album from MARC VANDERBERG, a songwriter and session musician hailing from Germany already previously featured here at this blog. Not related to famous guitarist Adrian Vandenberg (note there’s a ‘r’ instead of ‘n’) but they have a passion in common : electric guitar and timeless hard rock. Marc plays all the...

DARK BLUE INC. (Goran Edman) – Linked To Life (2019)

DARK BLUE INC. is the brainchild of Bonfire and Sainted Sinner guitarist Frank Pane. and “Linked To Life” the band’s new album to be released tomorrow. Created with the idea to be a real band with upcoming gigs, Pane has secured the presence of talented cats here; Göran Edman at the mic, bass player Hal Patino known from his days...

JOE SUMMER (feat Goran Edman) – Written On The Horizon (2019)

With “Written On The Horizon”, Brazilian born JOEY SUMMER presented himself to the Melodic Rock community some time ago. Now he’s re-releasing the album with slight remixes here and there.Initial aid for the CD came from internationally renowned musicians & songwriters who contributed to the recordings, such as Goran Edman who also performs vocals, Jaded Heart’s Michael Bormann, Kee Marcello,...

MICHAEL JESSEN (feat Göran Edman) – Memories (2014)

Danish guitarist MICHAEL JESSEN has been playing in various bands over the years, the most recent being very good rockers High Octane, now dissolved. This is his first solo musical adventure entitled “Memories“.Jessen asked to his previous bandmates to help, and gets a boost from excellent singer Goran Edman on all vocals, with a guest appearance by Europe’s John Norum....