BACKWOOD SPIRIT (Göran Edman lead vocals) – Fresh From The Can (2021)

BACKWOOD SPIRIT (Göran Edman lead vocals) - Fresh From The Can (2021) full

Fresh From The Can” is the upcoming album from BACKWOOD SPIRIT, that’s Swedish classic rock with none other than Göran Edman singing. It sounds like the last three decades simply did not exist as it rocks, grooves and is full of bluesy sounds, organically produced and simply authentic. Music like a cool drink at a campfire on a Summer’s night.
Compared to their debut album, “Fresh From The Can“ is able to raise the bar considerably via refined songwriting and detailed arrangements. As usual, Edman shines all over…

The group’s self-titled album was released by Pride & Joy Music in April 2017 and received great feedback from both press and fans alike. Since then, new music has been written, and Backwood Spirit went back to the studio again several times between 2019 and early 2021 to record this following record.
This is the first release to feature new band member Mats Berglund on bass and again impressively shows Backwood Spirit’s influences coming from the Classic Rock and Bluesy Hard Rock genres.
“Fresh From The Can” was record at Zone 17 and produced by Kent Engström, Joje Lindskoog and Kari Malm.


01 – Catch Your Fire
02 – Rainbow (Full Circle)
03 – Celebration
04 – Sweet in the Evening (Lullaby)
05 – Witchwood
06 – Leavin
07 – On Through the Night
08 – Something About You
09 – Mayflower

Göran Edman – Vocals
Kent Engström – Guitar
Joje Lindskoog – Ludwig Drums
Peter Emilson – Keyboards
Mats Berglund – Bass


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