BACKMAN JOHANSON AND THE OTHERS (BJATO) - Crazy Game Of Love (2021) full

After the acclaimed debut album “At Last”, the talented and unique “Backman Johanson and The Others” (BJATO) are back, and thrilled to announce the release of their follow up album “Crazy Game Of Love“. BJATO‘S music is well known for its West Coast /AOR style with a strong emphasis on well-arranged songs and breezing choruses.
This new album has an exciting line up, with many of the musicians and singers who worked on the “At Last” album returning, plus new ones. This includes TOBB lead singer Frode Vassel and also BEYOND IMAGINATION singer Viktor Johansson amongst many other well known Scandinavian AOR and West Coast musicians.
Since opener – the title track – awesomely performed by Goran Edman, you’re into a treat of perfectly produced Eighties-like music, a must for fans of the genre.


01. Crazy Game Of Love
02. Let’s Join The Party
03. Give Up On Love
04. On My Way Home
05. Head Space
06. Loving You
07. Making A Change
08. While Waiting
09. Free Fall
10. I Knew That I Loved You

Kaj Backman – Keyboards, Programming
Mats Johanson – Guitars, Keyboards, Programming


Goran Edman – Vocals
Stefan Nykvist – Vocals
Viktor Johansson – Vocals
Isak Widmark – Vocals
Johan Boding – Vocals
Maurizio Sorrone – Vocals
Robun Ohman – Vocals

Mikael Wikman – Drums
Ole Petter Hansen – Drums
Kai JokiAho – Drums
Per Lindvall – Drums

Lenny Castro – Percussion
Roine Sangerberg – Percussion

Lars-Erik Dahle – Bass
Mikael Engström – Bass
Ken Sandin – Bass
Rino Johannessen – Bass

Kay Bacman – Keys
Mattias Bylund – Keys
Tomi Malm – Keys

Mats Johanson – Guitars

Tom Walsh – Brass
Janne Bjeger – Brass
Magnus Johansson – Brass
Paul Booth – Brass



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