BACKWOOD SPIRIT (Goran Edman) – Backwood Spirit (2017)

BACKWOOD SPIRIT (Goran Edman) - Backwood Spirit (2017) full

BACKWOOD SPIRIT is formed by a bunch of experienced musicians from Sweden – fronted by legendary genius-singer Goran Edman – who are releasing their self-titled debut today, “Backwood Spirit“.
On this record, the band brings their Nordic flair to the forefront on their take of the ’70s Bluesy Rock & Soul sound.
Fans of classic acts in this vein, especially from Great Britain, along with modern era bands like Rival Sons and Blues Pills will easily give Backwood Spirit a new home in their collection.

Comprising veteran, ‘I-can-sing-anything’ vocalist Göran Edman and band founder, guitarist, songwriter Kent Engström, the duo begin work two years ago on what would become their debut album, “Backwood Spirit”.
All told, a record filled with 8 tracks filled with endless amounts of passion and bluesy spirit.
Edman emotes so much soul in his vocals that they are soothing, dripping with conviction and also pain felt. What would Classic Bluesy Rock be without ‘those’ type of vocals? Mr. Marriott & Mr. Rodgers are being done awfully proud here!

Whether it be songs like “Take Me Home” with its slow shuffle and heartfelt crooning or the ‘Black Crowes’ vibe of “Piece Of The Peach” or the record ending “Water Of Change / Rainbow”, complete with a slight little nod to Rush’s epic masterpiece Xanadu in its intro, Backwood Spirit deliver an authentic ’70s Revival experience that is not deceptive.

BACKWOOD SPIRIT (Goran Edman) - Backwood Spirit (2017) back

This debut record from Backwood Spirit is so steeped in the backwoods country of the Southern U.S. goodness, that you will be hard pressed to convince anyone that these are Swedes dropping all this smooth and tasty Classic Bluesy goodness.
Engström’s guitar is perfectly played with taste and touch, ala Paul Kossoff, with no offhanded wankery here, just seasoned and spiced so nice.
In 2017, it just shows that the 1970’s were such an important era for music and its Classic Rock / Blues and Soul are being will preserved by the likes of Backwood Spirit.

Man, do I love the Swedes and their never-ending stream of great, great music!
Highly Recommended

1 – Give Me Good Lovin’
2 – Piece of the Peach
3 – Ain’t Got Love
4 – Take Me Home
5 – When Love Comes Around
6 – Soul to Soul
7 – Get Your Wings (Teddy’s Song)
8 – Water of Change / Rainbow

Göran Edman – Vocals
Kent Engström – Guitar
Niclas Boson – Bass
Joje Lindskoog – Ludwig Drums
Peter Emilson – Keyboards
Tobias Åslund – Keyboards on the album


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