MARC VANDERBERG – The Four Elements (2015)

MARC VANDERBERG - The Four Elements (2015) full


MARC VANDERBERG is a songwriter and session musician hailing from Germany presenting his debut “The Four Elements“, an EP including, accurately, 4 tracks. Marc Vanderberg is not related to famous guitarist Adrian Vandenberg (note there’s a ‘r’ instead of ‘n’) but they have in common a passion for electric guitar.
Marc plays all the instruments on the EP, yet he’s mainly a guitarist, inspired by the likes of John Norum (Europe), Kee Marcello (ex- Europe) and early Yngwie Malmsteen.

So it’s not a surprise to find Göran Edman singing on one track, and Marc Vanderberg’s compositional style influenced by the aforementioned artists. The other vocalist featured is Paulo Cuevas (BloodFate) and he has done a really good job.
First cut “Storm, Thunder and Lightning” is a good hard rocker, however it is the weakest produced, as the remaining tracks sound much better.

It’s on “Key To Your Heart” where Marc Vanderberg shows his potential, a strong classic melodic hard rocker with cool breaks, fine atmospheres and a very good harmony vocal arrangement by Cuevas.
Goran Edman appears on the commercial-era Rainbow sounding “Devil May Care”, always delivering a solid vocal performance. Vanderberg’s guitar playing here is in the John Norum mould.
“Corrosion of Society” is the heavier song of the lot, quite dark and with lots of guitar layers akin the hard rocking side of early ’90s Yngwie.

MARC VANDERBERG - The Four Elements (2015) inside

Marc Vanderberg is an interesting musician and although his songwriting skills are nothing revolutionary, the man know all the tricks to create solid, well arranged traditional hard rock songs.
He also delivers some fine guitar chops and an overall instrumentation, complete keyboard fills and a correct rhythm section.
Check it out.

1 – Storm, Thunder and Lightning
2 – Key To Your Heart
3 – Devil May Care (feat. Göran Edman)
4 – Corrosion of Society

Marc Vanderberg: guitars, keys, bass, drums, programming
Paulo Cuevas: vocals
Göran Edman: vocals


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