VILE CALIBER – Tomorrow’s For Those Who Dare (2015)

VILE CALIBER - Tomorrow's For Those Who Dare (2015) full


With the strange name of VILE CALIBER, this young quintet from Finland are presenting their first album, “Tomorrow’s For Those Who Dare“. The band’s musical style and their sound basically fall into the realm of the resurgence of Scandi Melodic Hard rock plus the ’80s glam and sleaze tradition, bristling with overdriven solos and plenty of falsetto screams.

Inspired by the likes of Shotgun Messiah, Ratt, Hardcore Superstar and a pinch of Brother Firetribe, Vile Caliber want to rock like their daddies did in 1987.
Their strongest points are likely the hefty guitar lines, especially the roaring leads, and the tight rhythm section which easily handles the fast hard rockin’ pacing of the songs. As they should, they wrap all these things in melody and harmony with a fair share of crafty hooks in the arrangements.

The production is biased quite a bit towards the guitars, which have a chugging two-guitar attack that reminds me of the way Stryper sets up their production. Vocalist Arti’s has a raspy voice (Sebastian bach is his idol), high-pitched at places but fitting rightly the material on offer.
First track ‘Dare to Love & Lose Control’ sets the tone for the entire album; sharp guitar riffs, pumping bass and party-like gang choruses. It’s energetic melodic hard rock, with a contagious rhythm.

Follower ‘Animal’ is the same vein yet with even more razor guitars and verses which bring to mind Lizzy Borden, and a catchy chorus akin the first Crashdiet. I like this alot.
“Black Karma” adds some darkness to the party yet still heavy, then “Intertwine to Inspire” provides some breath; it’s a ballad starting acoustically but in the middle explodes in the Skid Row vein. Great solo here.

VILE CALIBER - Tomorrow's For Those Who Dare (2015) inside

“For the Sake of Romance” is perhaps the more catchy song on the album (some Trixter?) on the chorus, ‘Lost & Lustbound’ glue some fine sleaze with Skid Row, while ‘Snakebite Trail’ smells some Motley / Crazy Lixx in a good way.
Closer ‘Break the Chains to Free Us’ is one of my favorites, a strong melodic hard rocker with an anthemic chorus, tight instrumentation and a nice melody.

“Tomorrow’s For Those Who Dare” is a quite fun debut album by Vile Caliber, packed with melodic yet rockin’ songs strongly ’80s inspired plenty of catchy choruses.
There’s the ‘hook factor’ that made these young Finns interesting, and both guitar players which deliver a terrific guitar work with some solos in a George Lynch quality.
In the hands of a proper producer / specialized recording label Vile Caliber easily could be the next surprise from the over-crowded Scandinavian Melodic Hard Rock scene.
Thumbs up.

01 – Dare to Love & Lose Control
02 – Animal
03 – Black Karma
04 – Intertwine to Inspire
05 – For the Sake of Romance
06 – Lost & Lustbound
07 – Snakebite Trail
08 – Break the Chains to Free Us

Arti Waine – vocals
Jan Nyman – guitars
Riku Lof- guitars
Henri Tikkala – bass
Vesa Laamanen – drums


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