HOLLYWOOD BURNOUTS – Kick It Up A Notch! (2013)

HOLLYWOOD BURNOUTS - Kick It Up A Notch! (2013) full


Germans HOLLYWOOD BURNOUTS are releasing today their second CD “Kick It Up a Notch!”, an effort that shows a clear evolution from the band aiming for a more mature sound.
Some of their ’80s Sunset Strip revival style is still present, but this time the sweaty, sleazy attitude from debut has given space for a more Melodic Hard Rock style, cleaner and polished.

Seeing in the booklet the member’s ‘fictional’ names now reduced to their real forenames (as example, singer Mike Nazzty is no more, just Mike) is the first sign of a direction change. Despite the Americanisms on “Kick It Up a Notch!” front cover, Hollywood Burnouts now sounds more European than ever.
In fact, this new album style and overall arrangements reminds you Reckless Love, early Crazy Lixx or Hardcore Superstar, and I must say I like this a lot.

Just listen the extremely melodic and commercial “Access All Areas”, the Hardcore Superstar-like “Out Of Hell”, the jumpin’ melodic rocker “Coming Home” or the almost H.E.A.T on steroids sounding “L.I.A.R.”, all packed with the typical infectious choruses and hooks from the aforementioned bands – and then tell me.

HOLLYWOOD BURNOUTS - Kick It Up A Notch! (2013) band photo

Hollywood Burnouts’ American influences are present on the likes of the hard rockin’ “We Own The Night” (great one), the riffage of “Ain’t That A Bitch” and “Satan’s City Shuffle”, where even a Cinderella touch can be heard.
Their cover of The Cult’s classic “Sweet Soul Sister” is cool as well, quite ‘Californian ’80s hard’ arranged and with the guitars specially reminding me Baton Rouge.

“Kick It Up a Notch!” is a fun, entertaining Melodic Hard Rock album mixing the stylings from both sides of the Atlantic ocean, much, much more melodious than the debut from Hollywood Burnouts.
Song wise, production wise, everything is better on this second album. The catchiness and hooks are helped by a polished and slick production to reach you at maximum effect.

01. Ghost
02. Out Of Hell
03. Satan’s City Shuffle
04. Access All Areas
05. Coming Home
06. We Own The Night
07. Ain’t That A Bitch
08. The Mirror
09. L.I.A.R.
10. Sweet Soul Sister

MIKE – Lead Vocals, Guitars
CHRIZZY – Guitars, Vocals
TOBY- Drums, Vocals
CHRIS – Bass, Vocals

HOLLYWOOD BURNOUTS - Kick It Up A Notch! (2013) back cover


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