THOMAS SILVER (ex-Hardcore Superstar) – The Gospel According To Thomas (2018)

THOMAS SILVER - The Gospel According To Thomas (2018) full

Having made a name for himself as guitarist in the band Hardcore Superstar, Swedish artist THOMAS SILVER left the band in 2008. Now he’s back with his first solo album, “The Gospel According to Thomas”.

The former sleaze rocker is now all grown up. Thomas Silver the solo artist still has some of that Hanoi Rocks ’80s vibe and some kind of melodic hard rock in him that made his old band famous.
But here in “The Gospel According to Thomas” it’s mixed with other influences, ranging from Glam rock to British goth rock circa 1985.

The foundation is built on straightforward and often catchy guitar-driven rock music (just listen to the fab guitars on “Caught Between Worlds”).
But, at least in my ears, there are plenty of hints of classic Glam – read The Sweet / David Bowie, as well that unique mid-Eighties British gothic sounds like the very first The Cult / Ian Astbury.

The end result of this melting pot of influences is very good and interesting. Silver has found a signature sound that works very well across the entire album.
As a solo artist, Silver is fully in charge as vocalist, guitarist and, not least, songwriter. He knows how to craft a song that will attach itself to its listeners.

The catchy but somewhat lyrically dark track “Not Invited” is one of my favorite tracks on the album. “All Those Crazy Dreams” is a likeable and terrific slower piece in all its glammy classic rock glory.
“Public Eye” chugs darkly, with some well picked out keyboard too – but all the while with an arena bothering chorus that almost seems effortless and a solo that screeches.
“Minor Swing” has a bit of a boogie, while “D-Day” pulses along on groove and “Coming In, Going Under” knows its way around the odd Michael Monroe solo album here and there.

There really is an impressive array of sounds here. Silver’s voice is deep, and dark and lends itself, perhaps, to a more goth bent, but honestly, “Time Stands Still” is more akin to The Mission than anything he might have done pre-2008.

THOMAS SILVER - The Gospel According To Thomas (2018) inside

Not for nothing is there a big old ballad here called “Bury The Past” as that is largely what Silver is looking to do here, but as if to prove he can still party like its 1999 he adds the stunning “On A Night Like This”, which not only mentions “the kids singing Motley Crue”, but also has a guitar line that will be instantly familiar to Nineties rock&pop fans.

I am confident that many of Silver’s old Hardcore Superstar fans will dig this while he is also likely to attract completely new fans that are unaware of his past as a sleaze rock star.
Thomas Silver is back into the scene with a fabulous solo album showing him in a somewhat different light. And a very good one.
This is a really good album folks. Highly Recommended

01 – Caught Between Worlds
02 – Public Eye
03 – Minor Swing
04 – D-Day
05 – Coming In, Going Under
06 – Time Stands Still
07 – Bury The Past
08 – On A Night Like This
09 – Mean Town
10 – Not Invited
11 – All Those Crazy Dreams


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