CRY OF DAWN featuring GORAN EDMAN (2016)

CRY OF DAWN featuring GORAN EDMAN (2016) - full

CRY OF DAWN is Goran Edman’s latest child: a straight ahead AOR / Melodic Rock project put together to highlight his amazing vocal abilities on some superb songs especially written for him by the likes of Steve Newman, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Sören Kronqvist (Find Me), Daniel Palmqvist, Robert Säll (Work Of Art) and guitarist Michael Palace (from the recent great album Master Of The Universe) who also play all guitars & bass. Handling production and also playing drums there’s talented Daniel Flores.
The result is the self-titled CD “Cry Of Dawn feat. Goran Edman“, a true feast for all lovers of this genre with hints to the sounds of ’80s giants from America, Britain & Scandinavia.

Cry Of Dawn is all about AOR / Melodic Rock of the ’80s classy variety: lots of fluffy keyboards / synths, melodic guitars, pumping bass lines and ‘that’ drums.
Edman is rightfully the star of the show, but I’m past the point where I will listen to music just because I enjoy the voice, unless it’s one or two very special people. I need the songs to deliver as well, and that’s what we have to address here.
Are these songs good enough?

Yes they are. Some, darn great indeed.
There aren’t any here that immediately jump to the front of the line, but on the whole, the record is crammed full of songs that have strong, enjoyable hooks for Goran to sing. Some, like “Life After Love” perhaps needed a stronger chorus, but the majority of the album is perfectly good AOR that will make fans rejoice.
“Listen to Me”, the super “Tell It To My Heart”, “Light a Light” and the meaty “Life After Love” are among my favorites delivering energetic playing which helped to inject punch into the record, but also performed with delicate class.

“Cry Of Dawn” is a great album with solid performances, some terrific compositions but above all, it’s a great one because it gives Goran Edman the spotlight as ‘solo artist’ that he’s never had.
The man can sing anything, and he’s already on various projects through different music styles, but he largely deserved his ‘own’ album performing ‘pure’ AOR / Melodic Rock.

“Cry Of Dawn” is the definitive Goran Edman record in this genre, some kind of a testimony for future generations of one of the greatest and more versatile Rock vocalists from the last 30 years.


01. Chance
02. Listen To Me
03. When Right Is Wrong
04. Tell It To My Heart
05. Light A Light
06. Can’t Go On
07. Building Towers
08. Hands Around My Heart
09. Life After Love
10. Yearn

Goran Edman – Lead and backing vocals
Michael Palace – Guitars, bass
Soren Kronqvist – Keyboards
Daniel Flores – Drums, keyboards, production


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