HERMAN FRANK – The Devil Rides Out [Limited Digipak +1] (2016)

HERMAN FRANK - The Devil Rides Out [Limited Digipak +1] (2016) full

Former Accept guitarist HERMAN FRANK is presenting his new solo album “The Devil Rides Out“, available on various formats and in this Limited Digipak edition including an exclusive bonus track.
The CD – produced by Frank and mixed by Charlie Bauerfeind (Hellowen) – combines Frank’s masterful guitar work with the raspy vocals of Swedish powerhouse Rick Altzi (Masterplan), the powerful drumming of Andre Hilgers (ex- Rage) and the talent of Michael Müller (Jaded Heart) on bass.

Without any doubt, Frank is one of the most prestigious German metal guitarists of the past 30 years. His dynamic compositions with their raging riffs, hooks and intelligent virtuoso solos have graced not only the works of the German cult band Victory, which he founded in the mid-Eighties, and Moon’Doc, but also as a member of the legendary ’80s Accept appearing on a number of important songs on their classic “Balls To the Wall” album before returning to the band in 2005 and staying for another nine years.

But Herman’s exit from Accept was made looking for a way to expose his own own songs, and what better than a solo career.
“The Devil Rides Out” is a highly consistent rocking album with every track designed to get in, smack you up and run off before you feel the first pang of tedium.

Opener ‘Running Back’ kicks-off with urgent riffing, pummeling double bass and Altzi’s whiskey soaked hard rock vocals squealing for power and glory. Think Accept‘s classic Fast As A Shark and you’re in the right neighborhood.
This opener gives you a pretty good idea of the rest of the album, mixing uptempo metallic tracks with groovier hard rockers, all with Altzi’s ‘Jorn Lande-ish’ roaring vocals.

Of special note is ‘Can’t Take It’ which screams ’80s hard rock to the rafters of whatever crappy club you attended back then, with one of the best, catchiest chorus I heard this year. This song along worth this CD.
Other highlights aew ‘No Tears in Heaven’ which sounds like extra heavy Tesla, and ‘Run Boy Run’ and its mindlessly zippy adrenaline-rich metal.
‘Ballhog Zone’ and ‘License to Kill’ are slower and edgier, both simple as hell but catchy in the way good Accept songs are.

HERMAN FRANK - The Devil Rides Out [Limited Digipak +1] (2016) disc

Herman Frank already released two solo albums throughout his career, but to me resulted a bit boring as being all-time metal. This new “The Devil Rides Out” is without a doubt his best effort, as it balances classic metal hymns with catchy hard rockers and lots of melody.

Rick Altzi’s voice is perfectly suited for this kind of bluesy bar metal and he does a fine job lustily roaring and rasping through the material. Mr. Frank is quite skilled at crafting stadium Rock anthems, his ability to infuse his writing with a blue-collar, bluesy toughness is a major asset, and his solo-work is always sharp, tasteful and so ’80s.
As said, some tracks here are absolutely fabulous and highly recommended to all rocking audiences out there.

01 – Running Back
02 – Shout
03 – Can’t Take it
04 – No Tears in Heaven
05 – Ballhog Zone
06 – Run Boy Run
07 – Thunder of Madness
08 – License to Kill
09 – Stone Cold
10 – Dead or Alive
11 – Run for Cover
12 – I Want it All
13 – You Don’t Know (Bonus Track)

Rick Altzi (Masterplan) – vocals
Herman Frank – guitars
Andre Hilgers (ex- Rage) – drums
Michael Müller (Jaded Heart) – bass


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