SUPER MONACO – The Super Monaco EP (2016)

SUPER MONACO - The Super Monaco EP (2016) full

Hailing from Edinburgh, UK, SUPER MONACO is a project purely inspired by the production and songwriting styles of the ’80s, particularly Robert John ‘Mutt’ Lange bombast. Debut the “Super Monaco EP” captures a sound befitting of artists such as Def Leppard, Toto and Planet 3 feat. Jay Graydon, transported 2016.

Super Monaco is the project of guitarist Benjamin Moore aka Bwm5150, a young musician who since the last year has been impressing in YouTube with his covers of Def Leppard. Perfect note-by-note transcriptions / performances of the originals.
So Ben decided to compose his own songs, and with the possibilities of today’s technology to record all of them in his home studio trying to emulate the ’80s production standards.

The result us truly impressive… do you miss ’87 Def Leppard? Grab this “Super Monaco EP”.
There’s bombast in ‘Overtime’, ‘Killer’ and ‘Self Control’, then Sabine is in the midtempo vein of Def Lepp’s Animal, while ‘Let’s Dream Tomorrow’ brings to mind Love Bites.

Bwm5150 is at charge of all the programming, mix, bass and of course electric guitar (this guy sure can play, believe me) while the vocals are performed by his brother, a bit ‘childish’ but not far to Joe Elliot’s timbre.

“Super Monaco EP” proves many things. First, young musicians – still – being influenced by ’80s melodic rock and taking it as main influence, second; the genre is far of being dead, third; you can do it by yourself!
Sure, the ‘layers’ of tracks ala Mutt Lange / Def Leppard are not, but with today’s tech you can emulate pretty well that sound.
That’s what Ben / Bwm5150 has done here, 5 originals sounding like an ’80s Def Lepp lost tape!
I love it, and there’s more in the making.
Meanwhile, enjoy this pure ’80 baby born 2016.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

1 – Overtime
2 – Sabine
3 – Killer
4 – Self Control
5 – Let’s Dream Tomorrow

All instruments and vocals: the Moore Bros


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