TOKYO – ST [Yesterrock remaster + 7]

TOKYO - ST [Yesterrock remaster + bonus] (2011)

YesterRock Records has remastered all the 3 first ’80s albums by German AOR pioneers TOKYO, being their self-titled the band’s debut with a strong American Pomp AOR influences mixed with a classic European sound. This is the more hard to find from this reissue batch, out of print with few copies remaining on selected stores.

Tokyo were founded in the early ’80s in Frankfurt, Germany, by studio musician and songwriter Robby Musenbichler (vocals, guitar), together with Ken Taylor (vocals, bass), Fritz Matzka (drums) and Lothar Krell (keyboards) who previously had been part of the Michael Wynn Band and Supermax.
The combo completed the line-up with vocalst Klaus Luley (who later founded Craaft).

Tokyo went on rehearsing for a half year before they started to play their first live gigs. The band took the crowd by storm with a strong stage presence – with three singers, twin guitars, tasty keyboards and a pumping drum sound.
Their first and self-titled release “Tokyo” appeared ate end of 1980 – early 1981 and immediately made it really well at the central Europe charts.
The title track “Tokyo” became a classic and received tremendous airplay in every rock club and radio station. Until today, this track still appears on many ’80s compilations.

Tokyo play classic Melodic Rock / AOR with prominent keyboards plus strong melodious guitars, and their songs are constructed around catchy choruses. Curiously, being a German band, their style is pretty Americanized in the vein of Balance and alike.
This debut has a surprisingly modern, fresh and high quality production for the era, even today, after so many years, it doesn’t sounds dated at all.

Apart from the hit “Tokyo”, the rest of the album maintains a high standard with no fillers in sight.
“Cryin`” has that magical early Eighties atmosphere including wonderful AOR stacatto keyboards, “Girl” rocks with melody, the catchy “We Are The Times” is made for the radio, and “Father Of Time” has an L.A. feel all over it.
One of my definitive favorites is the awesome midtempo “Carry On” layered with great harmonic vocals and a consistent guitar line through it.

TOKYO - ST [Yesterrock remaster + bonus] back

After three successful albums, all Tokyo members decided to put the band on hold to form their own projects.
Klaus Luley founded the prime Melodic Rock outfit Craaft, while Robby Musenbichler, Ken Taylor & Lothar Krell glued into another German AOR wonder; JoJo.
But in the middle, Tokyo continued to record some material sporadically.

Now, thanks to the Yesterrock label we can listen those previously unreleased tunes, plus some fresh new material from Tokyo. This “Tokyo” includes no less than 7 great bonuses.
“Young Kids In Love”, “The Time Is Right”, “Behind The Faces” and “On My Mind” have been recorded during the ’80s. Robby Musenbichler, who today owns a studio near Graz in Austria, has remastered / remixed these takes between 1995 and 2004.
The tracks “Carry On”, “Cryin`” and “Girl” are newly recorded versions of the originals – both technically and musically up to date.

I’d say that this CD is a more than recommendable fine slice of pure ’80s AOR / Melodic Rock, essential in any fan collection of the genre.
Highly Recommended

01 – Tokyo
02 – Cryin’
03 – Tuesday Morning
04 – Girl
05 – We Are The Times
06 – Teenage Shooter
07 – Father Of Time
08 – Carry On
09 – Welcome To My Home
10 – Young Kids In Love [’80s recording]
11 – Carry On [2011 version]
12 – Girl [2011 version]
13 – Cryin’ [2011 version]
14 – The Time Is Right [’80s recording]
15 – On My Mind [’80s recording]
16 – Behind The Faces [’80s recording]

Klaus Luley – Vocals, Guitars
Robby Mussenbichler – Vocals, Guitars
Ken Taylor – Vocals, Bass
Lothar Krell – Keyboards, synths
Fritz Matzka – Drums


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