BATTLE BEAST – Bringer Of Pain [Limited Edition +3] (2017)

BATTLE BEAST - Bringer Of Pain [Limited Edition +3] (2017) full

We already praised in this blog the self-titled BATTLE BEAST album featured some time ago, now the Finnish combo returns with a new CD next February 17; “Bringer Of Pain“, including in this Limited Edition Digipak no less than 3 bonus tracks.
“Bringer Of Pain” is, in short, the band’s best album to date. And if you are new to them and the cover artwork makes you think about some extreme metal, you are wrong…

“Bringer Of Pain”, to put it short again, delivers a peculiar but fascinating collection of tunes sounding like some never-released Pat Benatar metal album from 1982. That means attitude alongside hooks and Eighties inspired catchiness.
Let’s take a track such as ‘Familiar Hell’ as example: apart from some more rapid drumming, this sound like a lost late ’80s Vixen track. And I like it!

Opener ‘Straight to the Heart’ is a ridiculously infectious slice of ’80s commercial metal overloaded with bombastic keyboards and designed to stick in your cranium like a Viking ax. Noora Louhimo’s powerhouse vocals hit all the right nerves and the chorus is even bigger than her hair. In 2017, Metal doesn’t get much more accessible than this, and it works.
‘King for a Day’ is another mega-catchy fist-pumping anthem that could have existed during the salad days of Skid Row and Ratt, but it’s heavier and even has a somewhat timely message.

The most hook-tastic cut is the aforementioned, insidiously unforgettable ‘Familiar Hell’, as said, almost sounding like Vixen or 1985’s Heart on steroids, which is worth the price of admission in and of itself. The chorus will staple itself to your forehead.
Also paying big dividends is the rowdy, dumb fun of ‘Bastard Son of Odin’ which is all adrenaline and knuckle dragging.

But Battle Beast has turned even more commercial… despite its title, ‘Dancing With the Beast’ is an almost synthwave ’80s sounding track with lots of synths / electronics, while ‘Far From Heaven’ is a super sappy Bonnie Raitt approved ballad that can’t even qualify as a power-ballad due its softness. But it’s a really good tune.

This Limited Edition features 3 bonus tracks, and really good ones. ‘God Of War’ has more in common with Battle Beast’s early sound, but in style is firmly planted in ’80s metal akin Doro / Warlock.
Then ‘The Eclipse’ is a midtempo absolutely commercial, with an AOR feeling all over and a typical Scandinavian sound. ‘Rock Trash’, on the other side, is perhaps the more bruising track from the lot with a Skid Row feel, a showcase for new guitarist Joona Björkroth’s hot solos.

BATTLE BEAST - Bringer Of Pain [Limited Edition +3] (2017) back

Do not be scared by Battle Beast image / artwork. Their new album “Bringer Of Pain” is pure ’80s glam hard rock / commercial metal with a very melodic, catchy sound. The production is simply awesome, like it used to be during the Eighties from big-budget major labels.
Short songs around the 3 & half minutes, hooks galore, a great singer and a superb sound design makes “Bringer Of Pain” a terrific album demanding immediate replay.
HIGHLY Recommended

01. Straight To The Heart
02. Bringer Of Pain
03. King For A Day
04. Beyond The Burning Skies
05. Familiar Hell
06. Lost In Wars (feat. Tomi Joutsen)
07. Bastard Son Of Odin
08. We Will Fight
09. Dancing With The Beast
10. Far From Heaven
11. God Of War
12. The Eclipse
13. Rock Trash

Noora Louhimo – vocals
Janne Björkroth – keyboards
Eero Sipilä – bass, vocals
Pyry Vikki – drums
Juuso Soinio – guitar
Joona Björkroth – guitar


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