BEN POOLE – Time Has Come (2017)

BEN POOLE - Time Has Come (2017) full

It’s only been three years since BEN POOLE burst out of the Brighton Institute of Modern Music, with a bucket load of talent and stunning Blues debut album. But things don’t hang around in the blues for this, his second full length “Time Has Come“… with his smooth guitar tone, tenor voice and pop sensibilities Poole has clear crossover potential.

Indeed, seems the ‘time has come’ to sell Ben Poole to the masses, and this new album is a delicious mix of his blues musical formation with mainstream pop direction and a touch of light hard rockin’ here and there.
When I said ‘mainstream pop’ I refer the rock&pop sound of the ’80s, not the current Billboard crap for sure.

The album opens with the rocking “Lying To Me,” the most aggressive track on the record and then takes it down a few notches with “I Think I Love You Too Much.” This is a soulful number sporting a nice mid-tempo groove, Bryan Adams-esque vocals and guitar work right out of the Robben Ford soloing book.
“Just When You Thought Was Safe” is in the same vein. Both have a light, airy quality, and like much of the work here, there is a timeless feel to them.
That’s also true of the magnificent “If You Want To Play With My Heart”, which is as simple as it is effective.

BEN POOLE - Time Has Come - booklet

However don’t make the mistake of thinking that the guitarist who won the respect of – and plaudits from – no less a pair than Gary Moore and Jeff Beck, has left his chops behind…
Poole’s solo on the gorgeous “Time Might Never Come” (a track dedicated to Moore when MV saw him play it live) is stunning.
The strident, confident riff of opening track “Lying To Me” is great starter, and the acoustics of “Longing For A Woman” – which meshes superbly with the understated Organ work – show his versatility.
There’s a playful side at work here too. The man who called his debut record Lets Go Upstairs is at it again the funky “Stay At Mine” with its key line: “the whole night’s led to this, just say the word and I’ll do the rest.”

Ben Poole’s “Time Has Come” is a record where no idea seems to be out of bounds, as Wayne Proctor, who is the producer of choice for most of the best modern blues records right now, ties it all together with great skill.
Things finish with “The Question Why”, featuring a mellifluous into which brings to mind Mark Knopfler and showcases yet another side to Ben Poole, who surely will go on to do whatever he wants to as his career unfolds.

BEN POOLE - Time Has Come - back

This is a really well conceived album to appeal all audiences delivered with a lightness of touch that suggests Ben Poole is already on the up escalator. It’s classic rock but it’s commercial, it’s poppy but rocks with melody.
“Time Has Come” is great, as it is aptly named.
Highly Recommended

01 – Lying To Me
02 – I Think I Love You Too Much
03 – Longing For A Woman
04 – If You Want To Play With My Heart
05 – Time Might Never Come (dedicated to Gary Moore)
06 – Stay At Mine
07 – You’ve Chanaged
08 – Just When YOu Thought It Was Safe
09 – Who Ever Invented Love
10 – The Question Why

Ben Poole – vocals, guitar
Todd Sharpville – guitar
Steve Amadeo, Matt Beable – bass
Craig Bacon – drums, percussion
Bob Friedzema – keyboards
Aynsley Lister – guest vocals on 2
Wayne Proctor – drums, percussion, production


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