ROADCASE ROYALE (Heart) – First Things First (2017)

ROADCASE ROYALE - First Things First (2017) full

Nancy Wilson, one of the founding members of the legendary Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame group Heart, has teamed up with former Prince’s New Power Generation band member Liv Warfield to form the soulful, rock supergroup ROADCASE ROYALE. The band recently signed with Loud & Proud Records and plan to release their debut album, “First Things First“, on September 22.
The album was produced by fellow Roadcase Royale band member Dan Rothchild (Heart bass player). Also part of the band are Heart members Chris Joyner (keys) and Ben Smith (drums).

So, as you can see Roadcase Royale are full Heart minus Ann Wilson.
The music packed in “First Things First” is a mix of pulsating classic rock build on a funky, nimble groove, led by Warfield’s soulful belting and the acoustic / electric guitar attack of Wilson and Ryan Waters (a talented player and Prince protégé ).

The CD opens with jumpin’ “Get Loud,” and it is followed by the optimistic and empowering, “Not Giving Up,” which Warfield nails with her powerhouse pipes.
Equally powerful and emotional is “Hold On To My Hand,” a song with some bluesy feel but a strong backbone.

Roadcase Royale throws in a few classic Heart songs in the mix, including “Even It Up” with Nancy Wilson singing lead, and they were able to dust off “These Dreams” and give it a Roadcase Royale treatment, with Warfield and Wilson on heavenly vocals for a tour de force interpretation. They have truly made this classic Heart ballad their own.

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This 10-track album closes with a live rendition of “Mind Your Business” and “Never Say Die,” where they leave their fans and listeners yearning for more.

Roadcase Royale delivers on their debut studio album, “First Things First”. It is a solid collection from start to finish, and no filler tracks. Each song has its own identity, and there is something in it for everybody.
The musicianship of this band is incredible. Nancy Wilson ages like fine wine, and so does her talent. Liv Warfield knocks the vocals out of the ballpark. They are certainly going places. Grab a bottle of wine, and let Roadcase Royale lure you in.
Highly Recommended

01. Get Loud
02. Not Giving Up
03. Hold On To My Hand
04. Even It Up
05. Cover Each Other
06. The Dragon
07. Insaniac
08. These Dreams
09. Mind Your Business (Live)
10. Never Say Die

Liv Warfield – Vocals
Nancy Wilson (Heart) – Guitars, Vocals
Ryan Waters – Guitars
Dan Rothchild (Heart) – Bass
Ben Smith (Heart) – Drums
Chris Joyner (Heart) – Keyboards


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