HEART – Greatest Hits [24 Karat Gold CD Ltd. Edition] Out Of Print

HEART - Greatest Hits [24 KT Gold CD ltd. ed.] (2011) 24 Karat Gold CD (AFZ119) Limited Numbered Edition
24 Karat Gold CD (AFZ119) Limited Numbered Edition

Specialists Audiofidelity released a Limited Edition 24 Karat Gold disc pressing of HEART‘s “Greatest Hits” (now ott of print). Unlike many ‘hits’ releases, this collection includes all the real early radio successes by Heart, as well as concert favorites.

Focusing on the years 1975-1983, this chronological collection features tracks from albums like ‘Dreamboat Annie’, ‘Dog & Butterfly’ and ‘Bebe Le Strange’. Also includes a live cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Rock And Roll’ and a 1997 studio track exclusive to this package.

The 17 solid tracks alone would be worth the price of admission, but what makes this 24K gold CD so impressive is the spectacular sound achievement produced by the talented remastering engineers from the Audio Fidelity record company.

HEART - Greatest Hits [24 Karat Gold CD Ltd. Edition] booklet

This Gold CD clearly has more dynamics than any of the other Heart CD’s and this outstanding sound is displayed track-after-track and quite obvious to any non-partial and fair observer.
There’s a full and rich clarity in Ann Wilson’s mesmerizing rock vocals that I’d argue has not been heard on the original recordings from which the hits have been taken.

It would be difficult to prove that Nancy Wilson is underrated among rock guitarists, but her playing on these superbly remastered popular recordings leaves little doubt that she is among the best the rock world has produced – not just “good-for-a-girl,” but every tone, strum, pick and lick is especially vividly present in her rhythm and lead which is not to dismiss her perfect vocal harmonies.

HEART - Greatest Hits [24 Karat Gold CD Ltd. Edition] back

Heart has always rocked, and this new release is an enhanced gathering of further evidence. The 24K gold CD is beautifully presented in a unique case that features the original LP cover art.
This disc has been conservatively remastered with loads of head-room, a lot like how a vinyl record should sound, warm and vivid.
Heart fans may want to own this new “Greatest Hits” release for the hits alone; “Barracuda”, “Magic Man”, “Dreamboat Annie”, “Crazy On You”, etc, but they will blown away by the amazing – and never-before heard – sounds coming out of the speakers.
Excellent release

01 – Strong, Strong Wind (exclusive song recorded 1997)
02 – Magic Man
03 – Crazy on You
04 – Dreamboat Annie
05 – Barracuda
06 – Little Queen
07 – Kick It Out
08 – Love Alive
09 – Heartless
10 – Straight On
11 – Dog & Butterfly
12 – Even It Up
13 – Bebe le Strange
14 – Tell It Like It Is
15 – This Man Is Mine
16 – How Can I Refuse
17 – Rock And Roll (live)


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