LICENCE – Licence 2 Rock (2017)

LICENCE - Licence 2 Rock (2017) full

LICENCE hail from Ludwigsburg Germany. The brainchild of local guitar hero Steam Thiess, Licence features his daughter Jacky as the vocalist. Forming in 2014, bassist Pappe and drummer Sammy Sin round out the quartet. After playing shows and festivals with the likes of Praying Mantis, Saxon, The Poodles and more, we now are presented with the debut album “Licence 2 Rock”. Mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler, known for his work with Primal Fear, Brainstorm and many others, ‘Licence 2 Rock’ drops on October 27th.

After intro “In The Beginning”, this album literally explodes with an eruption of infectious riffy melodic rock on lead track “Don’t Touch the Light”. Instantly toes were tapping and head began to nod. By the time we reached the chorus, we know this is an awesome track.
Right away this got its hooks into me, only digging them deeper and deeper as it played on.

Every track shines… this is the kind of arena rock that makes you stand up and shout.
Obviously ’80s influenced but not sounding cliched at all, each composition feels fresh like a breath of cool air. The guitar solos are right where they need to be and all tastefully fit the songs. Not overly long nor over the top.

The production mix is clear, the drum beats thick and bass lines prominent. Vocally, Jacky spits venom on every track.
Some total standouts for me, including “Don’t Touch the Light”, are the whiskey-soaked vocals which are really forefront on “Watching” and also “Believer”. “Metal Train” could easily be a long lost Accept penned composition.
The low-end grind of “Tell Me” and the gang vocal in “Turn on the Radio”. It all adds up to classic hard rock at its finest.

The press release claims “You can’t buy the licence to rock, you need to own it.
Licence does!!!” And yes they do own it.

01 – In The Beginning
02 – Don’t Touch The Light
03 – Reflections
04 – L2R
05 – Watching
06 – Metal Train
07 – Believer
08 – Tell Me
09 – Start The Fire
10 – Turn On The Radio
11 – Nights Of Pleasure




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