CASANOVA – One Night Stand [Deluxe Edition remastered +5]

CASANOVA - One Night Stand [Deluxe Edition remastered +5] full

Now here is a band that every Melodic Rock fan should know, but few actually do. CASANOVA was a band put together in the early ’90s by singer / guitarist Michael Voss of Mad Max fame (now in Wolfpakk) and drummer Michael Eurich (Warlock). Their second album “One Night Stand” was requested here in its remastered Deluxe Edition featuring a bunch of bonus tracks.

Casanova’s 1991 self-titled debut was an absolute classic of European Melodic Rock, discovered by most fans of the genre several year after its original release, and by many – including me – it’s an absolute Classic.
The band didn’t miss a beat with their follow-up album. Along with Fair Warning’s self-titled debut and Bonfire’s Knock Out, “One Night Stand” (1992) is a brilliant example of the German Melodic Rock sound in the early ‘90s.

Casanova took the basic American arena rock / AOR formula and added a distinctly European sense of polish and precision. They also took elements from the Hollywood hair metal scene, substituted heart and emotion for spandex and sleaze, and came up with a sound that is completely irresistible.

CASANOVA - One Night Stand [Deluxe Edition remastered +5] booklet

With “One Night Stand” in particular, you get a good indication of Casanova’s range, from fist-pumping anthems like “Guns Say Fire” to grooving rockers like “The Doctor Is In”, to slower numbers like “One of These Days.”
As good as those songs are, it’s the ‘not too heavy, not too soft’ arena rock of “I’ll Come Runnin’,” “Home Is Where the Heart Is” and “Seal It With a Kiss” that show you Casanova’s real strength.
Those songs bring to mind the best singles from American bands like Giant, Firehouse and Nelson. That, of course, has a lot to do with Michael Voss, whose vocal performance here is nothing short of amazing.

This “One Night Stand – Deluxe Edition” is the perfect companion to their excellent reissue of Casanova’s self-titled debut. Not only is the long out-of-print album reissued with a superb digitally remastered audio, it also includes 5 bonus tracks, all collectors items.
The song “Here Comes That Feelin’ Again” was recorded during the One Night Stand sessions but never made it to the final album. The remaining four bonus tracks are acoustic songs that originally appeared on the extremely hard to find 1993 acoustic EP ‘Some Like It Different’.

CASANOVA - One Night Stand [Deluxe Edition remastered +5] back

If you’re a fan of the classic European melodic rock sound of bands like Bonfire, Jaded Heart, Treat and Fair Warning, you owe it to yourself to discover Casanova. Now that both “Casanova” and “One Night Stand” have been reissued, there’s no excuse for not checking them out.
This second album is on par with debut in terms of quality, very close to the CLASSIC status.
There were only 1000 copies pressed and I am afraid it’s out of print now, but you can find remaining copies at selected stores. Worth every cent, believe me.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox


01 – Guns Say Fire
02 – Ticket To The Moon
03 – I’ll Come Runnin’
04 – Love’s Crashin’ Down
05 – The X-tra Mile
06 – One Of These Days
07 – Wake Up!
08 – Home Is Where The Heart Is
09 – The Doctor Is In
10 – Dead Man’s Hand
11 – Seal It With A Kiss
12 – Here Comes That Feelin’ Again
13 – Judy
14 – I Believe In You
15 – Out Of The Blue
16 – Seal It With A Kiss (acoustic)

Michael Voss: lead vocals, guitar
Stephen Neumeier: guitar, backing vocals
Jochen Mayer: bass, backing vocals
Michael Eurich: drums, percussion, backing vocals



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